Sunday, February 10

this is tricky buissenes - you all win a price! But only three will be recipients, bummer ...

The Haiku contest was splendid, here are the winners, so I needed to choose three for the price to be received. What a miserable ordeal, depressing to let others down. But here we have to go, after putting in all the Haiku's into a basket and pulling out three of them, here are the winners:

Jim, Cym, Laila
are the winners. Please contact me through e-mail and give me your info so I can send you the price.

picture out of studio window this afternoon

All others, be content that your contributions were sublime!

forget not my aim
to walk where wolves fear to tread
with peace in my heart.


forget not my aim
dare you ponder on the gain
of not caring less


pain is in my soul
and as i turn the pages
i still see your smile


forget not my aim
i tried to throw through you once
stay out of my way


death is not a shame
only a flicker of flame
in life's endless game


forget not my aim
the heart is distant and rare
the dart is subtle


Tomorrow is hope
Sunrise brings us our warm rays
An endless life cycle


i will only say
once the jello's cleaned up
we will end the fight


a flower greets us
naked, wanton, and smiling
with sensual grace


A flower greets us
Such haughty apparition
As though Hope pervades


a flower greets us
there, on the sweet other side
each petal singing.

Miss Annie

And a big thanks to Lee and Annie, the newcomers to this blog. If I were to be on a panel of judges, I probably would vote for your contribution.


susan said...

You got some very, very nice responses to your haiku contest, Zee. I enjoyed reading them all and I congratulate the winners.

btw: great picture today

Zee said...

Ah Susan, thanks!
I didn't do anything ... just put up the title.

Gary said...

Congratulations to the winners and what a wonderful collection of poetry you have inspired Zee!

Maybe there's a book hiding in here somewhere...

Zee said...

Book Gary?
You are the second person to babble about "book" to me within the last two weeks. What does that all mean?
I still have your painting from Mexico pinned up. Looks great!