Saturday, February 2

Stay brave?

I don't know what that means, "stay brave"! But an overwhelming crowd voted for that virtue to escape or endure the coming recession.
Fabulous in it's nebulous ways!
'Drive less' and 'plant your own garden' ended up as a distant third in this poll.
Second up was a surprise: 'Eat more fruit', 'help others in need' - and therefore 'make love more often'. Or without any conclusions, you can toss up the results in your own very order.
Hardly anyone decided to become a monk or a nun, or felt fear or relief. Survivalists were sparse.
In any case, the "stay brave wave" still startles me. I need some clarification!
Perhaps I will do a poll again sometime, why not one on who wins the the 'American Idol'?
But alas, I can not claim to watch TV at all. So there must be something else to poll - no?

( picture stolen)
Alright then, I closed my poll now because I'm sick and tired to see it every time I log in.


_z. said...

zee_ I voted stay brave because it was the closest thing to what I would have done...

my first choice (and what I would have voted for) would be: Nothing...

i.e. I wouldn't have done anything special.. I would continue to live normally. but staying brave is actually very similar to doing nothing. In recession, life gets harder, and life as it is right now, is not so easy... so in the end, living your life, is a brave thing to do, since you're toughing it up against all the bullshit that is out there... hence everybody who is living these decades is "staying brave".

does that make sense?

Zee said...

Well Zouzou that was a splendid answer; I really mean it, it makes sense!
If I hadn't you to pop in here to set things strait, what would I have ...... ?

Inimitable Lee said...

I can't believe I've missed the polling period: my response was to solicit my opinions. Great. Guess I'll panic. Or become a nun. Maybe just eat something....

Zee said...

Deprived of sleep, you might as well eat.
Deprived of other things ... ah, I'm not gonna go there, there is no instant fix Lee.
Patience perhaps.

Seraphine said...

I voted 'Stay Brave' also.
The economy is cyclical, just like life. There isn't much we can do about it. Driving less won't help this recession- it's financial based, and will last until institutions are able to effectively recapitalize their balance sheets again.
I don't like living in fear, because fear is usually worse than actual experience. I have enough fear trying to be brave.
I'd drive less over being a nun. I enjoy walking more than kneeling.

susan said...

I was another of the 'stay brave' crowd since what else can you do but get on with living the life you have? We've lived through other nasty recessions in this country and so far the worst thing that happened was a company one of us worked for going under. Since we weren't too exposed financially at the time we covered as best we could and still got the college bills for our son paid on time.
Since this is a recession where everybody, including the banks and the government, owes somebody else it may be worse than what we've seen in our lifetime.
Nevertheless, it's best to get on with what's in front of your face and try to keep in mind that person who's in a bad mood might just have more going on than you know.

Zee said...

OK - you all "got" me: I voted for more fruit (logical), making more love (sentimental) and STAYING BRAVE (irrational) as well!

... your answer to "staying brave" was actually quite rational!

good advice!