Saturday, February 23

fat cigars

"Hitler was deciding who was fit to live and who wasn't, was taking away people's freedoms, and was using the instrument of business and government to limit freedom. He was a classic leftist dictator."

"Why do you think I coined the term 'feminazi' to describe the most fervent pro-abortion women in this country? Well, what did the Nazis do? Killed people because they were inconvenient."

"Conservatism is about America and about each individual citizen. It's not about a political party triumphing or a political party pulling political strings in order to get the vote of this or that group -- that's what liberal Democrats do."

"Two of the candidates in this race are saying, 'It's my turn,' and the other one is saying, 'God's anointed me." (all original Rush quotes)

Sometimes I just melt down, watch a movie and go baaahhh and pass out. Sanity survival for the next 24 hours.

In the mean time Rush Limp and Annie Cut (where did I loose that missing "n" in that name???) can both kiss my ass.

Talking about movies, I finally broke down to mere crumbs on a leftover platter and abandoned my local video store and instead went with Netfllix. Me bad, since I foremost like to encourage and support local businesses. But they are so out of tune here that I couldn't tune in anymore.
With Netflix late fees are now a thing of the past, and the two movies I watch each month cost me less than five bucks.

Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. What a mess. They are both addicts. She follows her sex and power drive whenever she opens her mouth, he follows his pills and addiction thing while shouting obscenities.

Dangerous liaisons.


Gary said...

Just so you know that you don't have to completely stop bitching at the a-holes. They deserve it once in a while...

You da man.

I like you happy and positive too of course.

Jim said...

What halfway civilized person doesn't despise Limbaugh and Coulter, the spokepersons for barbarians.

Most of the time I try to have pity for people with that level of
stupidity, but then, there's days I need to rant.

Do you know what I mean Zee?


Ingrid said...

Ann Coulter.. she has some serious daddy issues and I'm not meaning to be caddy even!! She's just a means to end for Fox ratings and totally dismissable. The men (yes, MEN!) buying her book probably take the cover off for their own, ahm, personal use..
so there!
Rush Limbaugh? He only appeals to the collective impotent (in the general sense of the word) white men with anger issues..
so there!
no thanks, no 'fat cigar' for me! (hehe)
tjus (how do you do that big 'S'??)

Anonymous said...

I loves Rush Limbaugh !!

I love his creation feminazi
coz he was one of the few people
alive intelligent a n d brave nuf
to state the obvious.

The obvious being that we
are surrounded by zillions
of cunts who think they are
our equal or rather one better.

It is time we men of this world
whipped the cunts back into the
bottle we let them out from
and that why I loves AlQayda
and the Taliban and Islam!

We will nuke ya decadent trash
yet and gangrape every one
of yer cunts to death !

Allah u Akhbar !

Now go fuck yerself ya degenerate
trashcunts who call themselves
m e n and especially you
Lukas fuckHead Judeass Zay !

Ya wont get yer niggerprez I swear
nor will ya be tolerated selling
our world to the feminazicunts
for a bit of their bush if they
are in the mood to let you.

Long live Rush long live Bush
death to all feminazicunts
and libshitfucks !

A 9mm hole in yer forehead
is watcha deserve !

As 4the cunt Ingrid do I need
to state the obvious _
She will get whats coming to her