Thursday, February 21

beautiful night for a moondance...

The total lunar eclipse was quite a spectacle (partial coverage picture taken last night) , that's one thing. Other thing is, it explains why I was so out of it the last two days.
Blame it on the moon - good one.

It's a fantabulous night for a moon-dance
with the stars up above in the skies...

and whenever I touch you, you will tremble inside,
and then you know how much you
love me now,
you can't hide.

Just pick up one more moon-dance, you - and my love....

free lyrics rendering of the Irish Van Morrison dude


Seraphine said...

Awesome photo.
I was frustrated because the sky to the west, where the moon wasn't, was clear. To the east, the eclipse occured behind a thick covering of clouds.
I guess it wanted it's privacy.
I still made a wish, though.
You do get a wish during a lunar eclipse, don't you? I thought so...

_z. said...

I didn't see it!
but I too, was in a crappy mood... i'll blame it on the moon.
Good Idea.

♥Nova-san said...

I tried to take photos of the lunar eclipse last night, but alas, they all turned out as a red blur.

I guess the crappy mood last night was universal. I have been in an unbelievable bad mood lately. I'll gladly blame the moon as well. Hell, so long as I can blame it on something!

laila said...

cool photo!