Tuesday, April 29

the government stimulation survival kit

Not all is gloom and doom - but finding the light ain't that easy either.
Bush and company decided to return a bit of money we had earlier payed them and put it back into our pockets. This is supposed to "stimulate" the economy and also take the edge off the down-spiraling housing market which contributed to the present world wide financial mayhem.
So far so good. We get a droplet of our money back, and then we are supposed to spend it again, to rejuvenate the machinery of consumerism. A capitalists dream come true by means of socialiststic measures. Ironic, to be presented by a Republican administration.
The first electronically transfered deposits are out now; paper checks will follow in May, all in the range of $600 dollars. But before you know it, that dow (stash) will be spend and gone. But on what? People on the street admitted, they will use it to pay off some credit-card debt, use it for gas, and try to counteract high food prices.
$ 600 (sixhundred dollars) - what a joke. No, it is not a joke - it is an insult! Six hundred will get you nowhere these days. It is a sugary lollipop to US citizens who didn't crave for this but will take it anyway because it is "for free" and sweet - free in the sense that it originated by the people, for the people.
The day I get my paper check, I will light a match and burn it. I will have nothing to do with it. And as I watch the flames leap, ponder about where the value of $600 dollars went astray.
I might be old, but I am still stuborn.

in other news:
-the devaluation within the US housing market has reached double digit percentage rates, houses get evacuated and stay empty - banks who lend the money in the first place simply drown
-the dollar is worth a whopping 0.68 Euro (used to be worth about three German Marks or 3 Swiss Franks when I arrived here)
-the crude is up $120 (was $20 when I got here - and I am not thaaaaat old)
-US main investments are overseas, about 4 billion dollars a month in Iraq
-US investments in their homeland is $600 per person ... not per month, just once for this year
-many US airlines get grounded because they neglect regular maintenance; business therefore comes to a screeching halt.
-Switzerland ranks first, the US 39th in a survey of 148 countries who are concerned about environmental issues
-I got new rims and tires for my truck
-we will have frost tonight

(Copper relief, 1986 - about 5 by 3 feet)


Seraphine said...

i'll take the six hundred dollars. why not? our government borrowed it. i don't have to pay it back. it's not like i borrowed the money. ummm... is it?

Zee said...

take the money and run!
With a halfway decent fashion show you will make the same amount in a day, for real.
I am personally tired of handouts, don't need them, don't want them.
Spit in my face, that's what it is.
So yes, I am sticking with my original scenario for now - or maybe I will give my check away to homeless people or charity. Not that I could afford this gesture ... nevertheless. I'll figure it all out once I'll get there.

♥nova-san said...

Zee... I'm with Sera... take the money! Or as you said, maybe donate it to charity or something. I don't think of the stimulus payments as handouts. I think of it more as money that they owe us. For Dubya, it's probably his lousy way of saying "forgive me for all the crap that I've done for our country." I won't forgive him, but you bet your ass I'll take the money from him.

lindsaylobe said...

If an excessive love of money be the root of all evil than the idea you can simply create new prosperity by distributing funds from what is becoming an insolvent estate must be the mother of all foolishness.

As you say check out your deprecating exchange rate to ascertain just how far this heavily laden debt ship is now sinking below the water line compared to its neigbours and their currencies. Alas there is nothing to suggest the deprecation of the US dollar will not continue so long as no new charter is yet to be set. I note the lack of any detailed costings from any political aspirants on policies, a situation that would not be tolerated elswhere in any of the larger economies from serious contenders. Economics and economic choices seems to somethng no wants to talk about as opposed to the markets which is not the same thing.

However I agree with Sera and Nova -take the $600 or donate rather than burn it.

Make no mistake however these borrowed funds along with the prior existing massive accumulations will have to repaid in one way or anther or be substituted in even further reduced servicers now to be borne by future generations.

At best it is a temporary stimulus package paid from a treasury that is the equivalent of an insolvent estate.

Best wishes

gfid said...

our former Alberta (conservative) premier did a similar thing, giving out cheques for... um, i think $400. in retrospect, i think it was vote buying. and it worked. we have the conservatives back for another session, AND they won the national election as well. it stinks, it doesn't affect the economy more than a flea's hiccup affects the dog, but it has some PR clout for stupid people.... and there seem to be a lot of those voting. but if you don't cash the cheque, it stays in THEIR pocket, so i agree with nova-san and lindsay. swallow your pride, cash it, and if you don't need it, give it to someone who does.

Zee said...

What if I burn the check and make a short movie about it?
Maybe I can raise $12,000 that way, keep half for my own greedy purposes and donate the other half to people in need.

OK, ok ladies and gentleman - you convinced me. I will not let the thing go up in flames.

aaz said...

I'll take $2,100 to pay the credit card bills.

foodie said...

And do not forget that we will all have to add this to our incomes at tax time. Hmmm, Really???!!!!