Thursday, April 17

crocuses in my garden today. Yes, old socks can even accumulate in kitchens - beware!
off tomorrow for three days to teach how to plunge peoples hands into clay - see you when I'm back.


Seraphine said...

Nice poem, Zee. Hopeful,
and appropriate to the
coming warm weather/spring
But dirty socks in the
kitchen? the kitchen?

reverb said...

...Zee, fella
I just listened all your podcast songs
most, very bluesy for my taste
but couple of nice Violin( fiddle)

also 1 very good song (far distant)
and with a really nice pace

crazy jam has good ideas too

--by the way, I have only 2 songs on my gcast cause the webpage loading
those songs (demos) are from 1998 or so and were from an instro band that I played in those years
I ll try to post some more
check them if you like

Zee said...

the kitchen Sera!

Zee said...

you'll bet I check out your songs!
Far distant was a smashing hit back in the days...
Unfortunately I lost all my recent stuff on a Mac drive (so far) and was too lazy to take the thing apart and re-coup the stuff. One of these days...
My newer songs are quite different compared to the old jam sessions.

reverb said...

...Im too busy to record my new stuff

I have songs mostly in these "formats":

-rock: surf, garage, punk, noise experimental

-jazz: avant garde, cool jazz

-experimental moods type of songs
(kind of a mix between some "hypnotic mantra" rythims with folkloric -read World music- ry of some Countries)

but I can do some in others styles
like Reggae (roots, dub, etc), blues or better jazzy blues,
swing, my attemp at gypsy swing, etc

-may be in the future we can do something
like send some ideas via internet
and use one of those free devices to record something (multi tracking)
may be fun!

Zee said...

Hey Reverb,
I did that "sharing thing" over the internet with my brother a bit, though we ended up mostly sending CD's back and forth.
But it is totally possible. There are simple free programs like KRISTAL (multitrack recording) and the other free one I can't recall right now. I also have Cakewalk on my laptop, fairly decent professional outfit.
All we have to figure out is how to send multitracks so they are still seperatly editable. Shouldn't be too hard ... those other guys do it all the time - and then they make bundles of money, or so the legend goes...

reverb said...

...I d used AUDACITY
but low volume is obtained
when I recorded "live" in front of a mic
I dont know other way to record (home recording) some stuff

also I hate that digital sound
Im really into real or organic sounds
even if we talk about "techno" sounds
I dig that electronic, but "real" 70 s use of that
like early Devo or some Kraftwerk work
(Im talking about those moogs, etc)
to my ears sounds far better than a Casio crap or something

---about a year I went to Argentina to see
a Switserland s band called Dead Brothers
then several weeks later the front man came to my house, etc

I know about that band for a tiny label called voodoo rhythm (from Svitzera too)

lindsaylobe said...

Great evocative poem Zee, but I never felt you were hibernating, since everyone has some dirty socks and slows down in the winter. The pictures are sensational; does the garden need much water?
Best wishes

Utah Savage said...

I followed you home from Gary's place. You can take this up with him when he gets through sunning himself on his rock. But I must say I'm surprised, based on the nice snarky tone of your comments, that you would be this sweet, creative, poetic sort of guy. Nice surprise.

Sadly, I am just as bitchy and snarky as I pretend to be in my comments. I like your poem, love the photos. I was a mighty fine photographer in the old days when I was using a 35mm camera and 400asa film. Now I have a very fine Fugi digital with all the bells and whistles and can't take a decent picture to save my life. Can never seem to get color the way my eye sees it. I never had this problem with the 35mm. What's up with that?

Zee said...

I used to be a fairly versed photographer back in the days as well, still have a darkroom - but I'm never there anymore.
So what do I do now? I use digital cameras, even low end ones. And if I find the picture to be worthy, I hop over to photoshop and tweak it if so needed.
But as you were saying, the 35mm pics on film (or a larger format) had something unique.
Perhaps using film one needs to pay more attention and not waste hundreds of images (who could afford that in those days anyway ...) - so the "eye" was more keen to detect the moment of "virtue".
But on the other hand I am glad not to have to mess with chemicals anymore - that's a positive side of digital photography.

gfid said...

we're having spring vicariously here this year. thanks for contributing. spring may be springing, but the crocuses are croaking in -15 with a howling snow driven wind.

ignore my green envy. lovely stuff