Monday, April 14


It is not hard to sit on the porch and bitch, curse and mumble "fuck China" - liberate the red robed monks of Tibet, screw ethanol when half of the world is still starving, and food for the west ... or the rest, gets exuberantly expensive due to miscalculations by bureaucrats.
It is not hard to follow such lead, like the scent a dog would pick up.
What is hard is to keep composed, to see any light at the end of the tunnel.
The real torch is not a physical thing, run around the globe to end in Beijing.
That flame can be swiftly put out by any fire extinguisher. Re-ignition means nothing.
The flame we need today is of different nature. It burns persistent and forever, protected in the inner sanctuaries of our own being. Are we bold enough to let it show?
Humanity these days has one basic flaw: We have given up to hold the real torch and
paddle instead in a canoe that turns in circles. The vista is flattering, but reality draws different images, the ones we do not wish to see.
It is time to find new shores and let "the inner torch" burn bright.
So is my thinking, "on the porch" - during sunset, tonight.


reverb said...

...yes, the right think, Zee

the Humanity not act with a "for all"
never did that
is more like moves in groups thing
going nowhere

♥nova-san said...

That's a beautiful photo, Zee.

Here's to lighting the torches to shine brighter and to paddling the canoes to reach a destination.

Zee said...

REVERB your profile draws a blank, and my Alzheimers is getting worse.
Give me your blog address AGAIN!
Oh yeah, thanks for your comment also, even though it was as pessimistic as only I can dream.

Zee said...

I'll be back there in May. Wanna take a trip North Nova?

gfid said...

i think we'll be seeing more of china in the years to come. money talks. what can't be done with brute force will be attempted with coin of whatever realm they choose to infulence. pessimistic, but there's not enough sand out my back porch to bury my head in...

and the view from your back porch is lovely.

Zee said...

gFiddler - it was the backpoarch of my host while I did a teaching block on the island of Vinalhaven ME.
I only wish it was "mine" :)))

reverb said...


susan said...

Wonderful picture fuelling profound thoughts.

Zee said...

I am glad to hear that you "fueled" by my post Susan, heck - it costs nothing and is free!

Zee said...

Thanks Reverb, I finally found my Bookmark button - no more panic in the future.

Gary said...

If I were religious, I'd shout "AMEN TO THAT BROTHER!"

Shit, I'll shout it anyhow. AMEN TO THAT BROTHER>

Zee said...

You shout, religious or not Gary.
The inner torch must burn, thats all I know.