Thursday, April 24

let us try this poll thing again, simplyfied!

Ok, I demolished this "new" poll as well. There is no sense in it - and worse of all, it stopped to work. There is no fun in that.
So therefore you have now the only sole option to shriek, scream, shout, whisper, mumble, or phrase your comments about "background music" from Rodrigo Y Gabriella's version of Stairway to Heaven and if this running app is an appropriate thing for this blog.

On other news. I listened to a commentary on PBS by Herb London (I think that is his name). He went out of his way to demonize Iran as the next culprit to slay, the next target for the US empire to crush. He said: Let's get them now before it is too late, before they get nukes. Now or never. What a retarded bitch. Let's blow everything up. Perhaps when the dust settles we can evaluate valuable rocks on the ground. So was his thinking.
This comment comes after Israel already had pulverized a secret nuclear plant six or seven months ago, flew planes over Syria and then bombed the shit out of the place. How come nobody knew then? Who gave this intel to Israel?
So Herb London is a late bloomer and worse, a creature with instant potato bud mush expanding by means of hot water in a skull that used to house a needed brain.
I feel sorry for misguided people like him. I also feel sorry for Public Radio who in the name of "equal speak" puts morons like him onto the air. A waste of my energy, a waste of your time.
What does this have to do with North Korea and their ambitions? I gladly say: I don't know! Perhaps the Syrian nuclear reactor was a similar design to what North Korea had produced. (wasn't their reactor an assembly put together by Russian technology)?

Whatever the case, without mercenaries (paid killers) the US will look bland on the circus of world events. So here is a hail to Blackwater and Halliburton and CO, the cronies who craved payback-time and got it delivered by Bush and Cheney.
As oil prices rise and the dollar drops even further, it is fascinating to see the dragon drown in black blood. Saddam was right on: Give me oil revenues in Euro's! His death sentence thereafter was historical. Had we just been patient and "waited out" his regime as we did with Tito in former Yugoslavia, the world world would run and spin with more content.
So I soaked some pee pods (seeds) today, will plant them later. You bet they will not be used to produce ethanol.


♥nova-san said...

When I first started using blogger, I tried to get all fancy by putting music up on my site... but as time went on, it started to annoy me. I would prefer if a player was displayed on the site, and the reader could elect or not whether to have music played.

Ingrid said...

hey, I do like this version of stairways to heaven.. and I voted NO! ok can keep it! :)


Zee said...

THIS POLL SUCKS AS WELL. Now I am getting rid of this garbage!
Hey, thanks for the comments Nova and Ingrid - you are the best!

_z. said...

I still prefer the the original version zee. But this one is really nice too.

I find that it is better to suggest music in the actual post. Something to set the tone for a text or a photograph. I don't like a playlist in the margin of the blog and certainly not background music.

we're not in an elevator :P.

that's my opinion my good friend.

Zee said...

OK _Z!
I took it off, just for you - so there!

Lee said...

There was an intriguing piece in the New Yorker, probably two months or so back, regarding the installation in Syria. The same 'target' is the kind used in Iran currently, although the one in Syria was vastly more remote. Truly interesting thing is that no one, not Israel, not Syria, talks about all. Kinda freaky.

Zee said...

Yeah, it freaks me out as well Lee.
It takes a lot physical skill to make it happen, I mean to fly from Israel deep into Syria and return without refueling. I remember when the story first broke, a 24 hour blink on the radar screen of the news agencies - thereafter gone. That also is a bit scary to me, how news gets pushed around... or not.
What the heck are we missing today - for example ... !?

Anonymous said...

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Zee said...

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