Tuesday, April 1

time to move into April

I am contemplating.
Thoughts are still buried inside - moving and undetected.
It is time to drive into spring.
Welcome April!
Somehow I feel
that the warmer weather
will release and free what was previously caged inside.

So, "Ascending" is still in progress, but it goes so slow. Maybe this process is co-dependent. The faster I carve, the faster spring will ascend...

OK people, the merry-go-round in my brain has only few ponies. And I have invested to describe all details of them before. Today I will refrain, no energy to elaborate. I suppose I can leave this post by saying: What color is your favorite pony painted with?
Mine is yellow with red stripes painted in diamexic order.
Your's must be white and blue ... striped?
But that is only a guess.

Nova-San's pony


susan said...

Happy Spring, Zee. Happy carving too while you refresh the essence of your creative spirit.

Zee said...

I tell you Susan, it's all diamexic...

Zee said...

... besides Susan, I have not been that creative lately - instead been drowsed in fumes of Polyurethane fumes, trying to finish some kitchen cabinet doors.
Next weekend all will change. I am going back to the island for a week, teaching this time.
Who knows what leads to what ... then!

susan said...

Sorry about the polyurethane but the island teaching sounds good. I think it's a pretty tiresome time generally. My experience is that with every presidential cycle you get a lot of initial enthusiasm and 'hope for change' talk followed by the sadness of seeing the candidates you might have liked leave. Then the chosen candidates start showing their true colors which have everything to do with ego and nothing whatever with statesmanship. You're right, they are all gone.

Seraphine said...

I like blue peonies. The small space in front of the house, right under the window where I can't see them, that's where I'd plant them. They would look nice from the driveway.
Ohhh. Ponies? Erm... I'm natural. I'd have a chestnut pony. I'm too old for the yellow one with the red hat. I want the chestnut one with the teeth showing, so I know which end is which, though I keep my hands away from both ends, all the time.

Zee said...

that's the spirit Seraphine!

♥nova-san said...

My pony would look like this: http://www.adamartstudio.com/carousel/raffleHorseIll.jpg

So you were right about the white and blue.

♥nova-san said...

Yay!!! You posted my pony! =)

Gary said...

My pony would win at 1000 to 1 and I'd retire.