Wednesday, April 23

what does it mean?

Hillary Clinton got Pennsylvania - so what?
The fight goes on.
But does it matter, does it really do?
It is hard to tell, there will be losses,
on both sides, no matter what you do.
A tainted woman or a colored man - so is the Democrats ticket.
The Republicans go for an white-haired, aging veteran, a Vietnam Veteran. Awesome "color" choices for the slowly dying beast, ehh ...?
I like the tainted woman for her stamina.
I like the black guy for his continued enthusiasm for the US.
I like the white veteran who just can't give up.
I like them all, but would I vote for any of them?

You know, it doesn't really matter - because the "vote" has already been cast, the dice thrown from the cup held by shady "gray" men, tossed unto the table of destiny long before your own voices come to count. That is "US democracy" for you, the only so called export article we have left. Not necessarily a brilliant survival kit in times of economic decay I would say.

But don't be sad - cheer up and live your life joyfully.
That is all you really can achieve, this time around. (hint: reincarnation)
Kindle that spirit for your neighbor, your sisters and brothers - and you will have done much more than vaguely paste all your hopes onto the face of a useless paper ballot that may, or may not be counted at all.

Zee ya


Zee said...

The new picture was taken by me in the the country down under that still pretends to love birds.

Gary said...

Hey, now YOU cheer up brother :)

It may not be perfect (far from it) but which of these three people is President will make a difference.

Gore or Bush? Kerry or Bush? I think we'd have seen a different world with a different outcome.

Societal evolution is an erratic road at best.

Cool picture.

Zee said...

For once I kindly disagree with you Gary. No, let me rephrase this: I am ready for a fighting match!

I am not aware of details the "gray-brotherhood" has in stock. It doesn't matter if I knew. Their course is a curse in any event.

Gore lost his ponies when stakes were high. Now that he could have shown up with a white stallion, he recedes. What is left is Obama the miracle kid and the House of Clinton. Neither of them are ready to roll.
If Clinton is getting the nomination, she will likely loose to McCaine. If for some obscure reason she will win, her tenure as president will pave the road to an even more aggressive stronghold of Republicans than we have seen under Bush, four years down the road.
If Obama gets the Democratic vote, and perhaps wins the so called "plural-democratic-nomination", he will be executed soon thereafter by sniper fire.
This my friend, is the American way!

My prediction, McCaine will win in November, truthfully that might be a fine solution for now. The RePub's will not be able to turn the USA into a fascist state as fast as they would have wished, slamming onto that Democrat and thereby trying to entangle Haliburton's war of greed.

In some ways though, I feel like it is payback time. So I will stick to the color black when I vote and cast my little peace of paper into the shredder, to be surrendered only by a miracle.

gfid said...

that really is a great picture.

i don't have much faith in the political machine in general... i cast my vote, but with faint hope. seems that the candidate always ends up being run by the machine. i suspect there isn't even a driver's seat on the thing.

Zee said...

I hear you fiddler woman!
The democratic process has become opaque, if not muddled. Time to play a fresh new tune!

Ingrid said...

only a collective awakening will change things here. An awakening won't happen unless there's a big disaster which gives reason for self reflection..yep..this place is going to hell..
oh for pete's sakes! lol
no really, I get very tired of American politics, but then I hear my mom talking about the lack of common sense in Dutch politics and think oh well, at least we're not alone!

aaz said...

Hey there Zee, while the Pensylvania results were very disappointing to me, we should not forget that Hillary's chances of winning are almost nil at this point. I have to say I really believe in that guy Obama, I think he is a true leader. Since you are making predictions that the old senile man will win, I invite you to check for projections on the 2008 election results. The projections are neutral, based on polls, but the commentary may at times reflect my political leanings. Probably not your style of politics but maybe you will get something out of it from time to time. Take care and cheer up because my prediction is she will not win the nomination.

Zee said...

I checked your site AAZ!
Pretty interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

boy have you become an old
and ugly bastard Zay

Anonymous said...

"If Obama gets the Democratic vote, and perhaps wins the so called "plural-democratic-nomination", he will be executed soon thereafter by sniper fire.
This my friend, is the American way!"

so you say and Amen to that.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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aaz said...

Zee, I suppose you deserve some credit as your site was an inspiration to me, even if it is a different topic.