Thursday, June 19

dog days

The dog days are here to stay, they all say
nothing you'll hear but an occasional bark
when people sleepwalk astray
and talk into the dark
while I work away
stop right here
no shark
no fear.

The glitz of humanity has lost its sanity
deeper and deeper we creep and flow
to places of hiding, nowhere to go
sometimes I call this vanity
when little is said
as of today -

It is time to launch a new revolution, right now!
and I don't say this lightly, nor with shame
oil is running out, a superb smelly fluid
who are we going to to blame,
the masters of the cows?
I would become a druid
now, just right now,
if that would help.

Dog days are haunting me, nothing to do but work my daily shift
the better world is around the corner, so I've been told
but as you can see from this verbal rift
my soul has been ravenously soled,
ominous, before the final shift
from these days of old.
Keep barking.

...we didn't start the fire

sums it all up. Billy Joel on uTube.


♥nova-san said...

Is that your doggie? It certainly knows where the best seat of the house is. =)

Zee said...

Nova-san, it is my sons dog. She can jump very high and looks therefore like a deer when chasing something...

lindsaylobe said...

Very evocative!

There’s always hope even though it seems as if a knife is imbedded permanently in the heart, from the dusts comes yet another generation to live in hopeful expectation, so the cycle continues ?

Lonely bugle call
Change nasty brew
Courage bestows
No status quo
But renew

Best wishes

Zee said...

Lindsay, you sprinkle diamonds on black cols.
Same kind of carbon you might argue.
But your words shine!

Ingrid said...

Zee, sorry, I've been more 'political' these days although I try not to..
anyhow, I have heard of Steiner but not read anything from him. Is there anything you recommend?



Seraphine said...

It's nice to bark
if for no other reason
than to feel
we're not alone.

♥nova-san said...

Patiently waiting for your return, Zee-licious.

Zee said...

Ingrid - since you are of the "thinking kind", why not try 'Philosophy of Freedom'.
But if you have a desire to change inner life of sorts, it got to be "How to attain Knowledge of Higher Worlds."

Zee said...

you are very nice to me despite the fact that I am moving boulders and feel detached thereafter, without much cravings left to to post at the end of the day

Zee said...

Seraphine -
the tornado might not be in the sky, but somewhere else - watch out!