Thursday, June 26

I am sorry my friends

I have no desire to take pictures these days,
I don't crave to rhyme a verse,
nor speak about shitty politicians or other religions.

I just live, and I have little to say
while working my ass off to get ahead.

I don't think this is entirely bad,
considering the circumstances.

So forgive me for not posting anything fancy -
those days will come back when I shout out: NOW!

It has been a strange early summer. Since weeks it is warm or quite hot on the east-coast in the mornings, followed by thunderstorms every afternoon. This makes me think that this could become a sub-tropical enclave.
Time to plant palm-trees and avocados. But what will happen throughout the winter months, destroy them all again? What a vicious cycle.

P.S.:Will be working on the island during July


Before Sunrise said...

Must be going around, Zee. I don't have much to say these days either. I just want to get on with things.

I hope you'll still be on the Island in August. That way we can meet!

Zee said...

I believe it was towards the end of August you and your friend come cruising up that way, Before Sunrise?!
I might have to come down to intermediate to New York State and work there after the end of July. But I will definitely come up for a a few days while you are up there. Remember the funny birds you wanted to see? I got plenty to show to you ...

Before Sunrise said...

Ah, that is great! Yes, end of August! I will let you know.

Ingrid said...

Zee.. consider yourself lucky to AT LEAST have thunderstormes in the afternoon..I wish! It's just been boiling hot for the last month and a bit and it feels as if it's the tail end of summer instead of the beginning.. man..

not having much to post about, I can relate to that, that's why youtube is such a great invention [g]
anyhow, nice new zealand pic Zee..another thing I wish..wished I could visit there someday..when were you there?



Seraphine said...

I love avocados.
It's worth the risk.
One year, I brought a banana
tree back from Hawaii.
(It was inspected and legal).
I planted it in the backyard.
I surrounded it with peat
and covered it with a box
when it froze. It still died.
But but but... it's not
impossible to grow a banana
tree in northern California,
if the tree lives long enough
to establish itself.
You might get lucky with
the avocado tree and have a
mild winter. It might not
produce avocados, but you might
wow your neighbors. Try it!

Zee said...

OK Ingrid, I consider myself lucky then to have thunderstorms each day.
I was in NZ three years ago on a rescue mission. Lasted about 6 weeks. Beautiful and somewhat "triste" country.

Zee said...

I have an avocado tree that is 2 years old and about five feet high. The other day I put the plant outside and a few of the leaves burnt in the sun. So I took it into the studio again. What's that all about - an avocado tree that hates the sun?