Friday, June 27

I don't understand

How is it possible that people in Zimbabwe need to vote at all?
First Mugabe intimidates the competition so no one is left in the race, then he orders (now being the sole candidate of choice) the common folks to "vote" for him. What's that got to do with voting? You got one party, a one man situation and you are being asked, or sometimes threatened, to vote for the present boss?
That Mugabe guy is hitting 90 years soon. Time to declare him an Alzheimer-baby!

I will admit that I don't understand all that much about African politics and African countries, but the woman who I taught clay modeling to, who did her teacher training in the US to become a Waldorf teacher abroad, taught me and enlightened me of how village life actually works in Zimbabwe. Listening to her story and comparing it to Mugabe's aspirations, I came to the conclusion that Mugabe is just an other enemy of the people, the enemy of the people he actually is supposed to serve.

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