Tuesday, June 3

have your treat of choice

Have your cake and eat it too! The Aussie celebrated his 30th something birthday. A day earlier he told me: "Before you leave the island for a few weeks, you will pay me the $80 dollars you owe me, or I will kill you!" Good old Crocodile Dundee speak.
I payed him of course. Next time I hire help it will be a woman though, still dangerous, but perhaps less threatening. The one I have in mind is not in any of these pictures. I do not wish to give my secrets away. But all I can tell you is that she will be ready and ambitious, a good worker and a fine person to be with, eager to get the job done without them death threats (jokingly or not...) But in defense of David, the Aussie, he is a great guy - so is his native American Mikmak woman! (the one with the cake). After all, my blessings as a witness helped them to get married. A fabulous couple indeed!


Ingrid said...

ah nice pics! (and to still have you 'with us'!)
Last time I stopped by the other pictures did not show up..
a nice change from those snowy cold looking pictures. How are you doing anyway?


Zee said...

I believe I am doing OK as long as you don't count in my spasms of insanity.

Seraphine said...

I'm immediately drawn to the girl with cigarettes and a bullet around her neck. Then the cake...

Happy 30th something b-day.

Zee said...

SERAPHINE - the girl with the cigarette is a naturally born pirate, immigrated from Chicago to this island years ago. She is freewheeling like me, we get along well. I am attracted to her but there is absolutely nothing about the chemistry on the physical plane!
It is raining big rats, cats and dogs here (I am not on the island anymore until a few weeks from now) so I must go around and close all the windows.