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Let's simplify World Wars

World War 2

World War 3


Commonly Believed Cause of WW2

Three years of mounting international tension - encompassing the Spanish Civil War, the Anschluss (union) of Germany and Austria, Hitler's occupation of the Sudetenland and the invasion of Czechoslovakia - provided the setting for a likely world war.

In March,1939, Hitler demanded that Poland allow Germany to annex the Nazi-dominated free city of Danzig, and that Germany be given control over a 25-mile wide strip of land between Germany and East Germany, created by the Versailles Treaty to give Poland access to the Baltic Sea. Attempts by the Allies to persuade Hitler to negotiate with the Poles were unsuccessful. After signing the Nazi-Soviet Pact, which safeguarded his eastern border, Hitler sent his air and land forces into Poland on September 1, 1939. Warsaw and other Polish cities were bombed.

Britain and France declared war on Germany (September 3) when Germany ignored their demands to cease its attack and withdraw.

Commonly Believed Cause of WW3

In his State of the Union address and other speeches, President Bush attempted to articulate the reasons for going to war with Iraq and ousting Saddam Hussein. Essentially the three main objectives: (1) to eliminate Saddam's weapons of mass destruction (WMD); (2) to diminish the threat of international terrorism; and (3) to promote democracy in Iraq and surrounding areas.

However, many believed the war was the administration's goal of preventing OPEC's use of the Euro as an oil transaction currency standard. In order to pre-empt OPEC, the US needed to gain geo-strategic control of Iraq along with its 2nd largest proven oil reserves.

Many claimed the war was illegal (didn't obtain UN sanction) and still others state the war was about gaining control of valuable Iraqi oil.


The Real Cause of WW3

The Third World War was foreseen to be between Zionism and Islam. This prediction is incredible in many ways, beginning with the understanding that this prediction of a third world war occurred in 1870, a time when Israel did not exist as a nation, and when no one believed it would ever exist again.

The vision predicted that out of the smoke and destruction of this World War, a new leader will stride triumphantly, to put an end to the War, and to finally give the embattled world "Peace and Safety".

Interestingly, to back up this prediction, a report was released in December 1996 by The U.S. House of Representatives' Task Force On Terrorism And Unconventional Warfare. It was entitled, 'Approaching the New Cycle of Arab-Israeli Fighting'. In brief, the report tells us that such nations as Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Egypt are planning and building for a final, devastating war of annihilation against Israel. This includes acquiring nuclear, biological and chemical weapons (NBC) in a mix with conventional weapons, e.g. tanks, aircraft, and soldiers, all in massive, overwhelming numbers."

WW2 Ended

September 2, 1945

WW3 Ended

Only time will tell...

Duration of WW2

6 years and 1 day

Duration of WW3

Only time will tell...

Casualties in WW2

Soviet Union 25,568,000
China 11,324,000
Germany 7,060,000
Poland 6,850,000
Japan 1,806,000
Yugoslavia 1,700,000
Romania 985,000
France 810,000
Greece 520,000
USA 495,000
Austria 480,000
Italy 410,000
Great Britain 388,000
Holland 250,000
Belgium 85,000
Finland 79,000
Canada 42,000
India 36,000
Australia 29,000
Albania 28,000
Spain 22,000
Bulgaria 21,000
New Zealand 12,000
Norway 10,000
South Africa 9,000
Luxembourg 5,000
Denmark 4,000
TOTAL 59,028,000

Casualties in WW3

If the World Trade Center attack on September 11 2001 is considered the trigger required to start World War 3, a total of 3,000 should be added to the figures below.


The death count (of mainly Iraqi civilians) so far, updated daily.


Get the latest allied fatality count since the invasion of Baghdad here (3,252 as of January 1, 2007).

Financial Cost of WW2

$2,091.3 billion (adjusted for 1990 dollar values)


Financial Cost of WW3


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I purposely left out the statistics of WW1. That war was concluded in a completely irresponsible treaty, signed in Versailles, France, which contributed to the then Weimar Republic in Germany to fail, creating the vacuum for Hitler to gain control as foreseen in a prophetic way by the then British foreign Minister who participated as delegate in the treaty of Versailles.
It has been a train of though, if not policy, by Woodrow Wilson (1st WW) and then the Eisenhower and the Roosevelt administration (2nd WW) to engage in countries affairs deliberately, pressed by either dreams of world domination or issues pressed upon by the ever so mighty oil cartel. Pearl Harbor was known to be attacked by Japan, but they did not warn or inform the base. Pearl Harbor was the key-stone that America officially could enter into the meddling of WW2. So the "sacrifice" was deliberate to achieve such goals.
Now that Bush (just an other oil cartel lackey) has endorsed the meddling involvement in Iraq and the Middle East, this avenue of thought prevails, against all decelerations and warnings from the "founding fathers" of the constitution, namely George Washington, to not interfere in other nations problems without good cause.
The more I think of how we got engaged deliberately into a Third World War Scenario by the Bush family, the more I have to puke.

The middle class has been wiped out by US legislation and their somber politicians, the US dollar is worth shit and the barrel of oil is $140 and rising. The housing market is not in a slump, it barely exists and hence the once famous diversity within US population has come to a "have and have not" status. Time to take some heavy duty drugs purchased around the corner at the local crack house - or else start WW3, and the latter has already begun...

If the US-American people would be illuminated and had real guts, they should start a revolt (as the founding fathers did with England) by eliminating all tax payments to the government. Then the sharks would starve to death and the pricks and princess/es of oil would have nowhere to go.
Wouldn't that be a "brave new world" in a new dimension?

As always, keep cheerful and do the best you can locally.
Cheers, Zee.

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