Friday, January 23

ah ha

So we talked about the bad economy and that I am unemployed right now as a result of this mess. We mentioned that a US withdrawal in Iraq means that there still will be five major military enclaves left behind, I guess they call them military bases, not to mention that the US embassy has relocated into a new built multimillion dollar building in Baghdad, diminishing staff by 1000 people, now the count of staff therefore is only 4000 instead of 5000 (how many people does it take to grant a visa?). The Palestinians are still trying unsuccessfully to save their skin, Israelis are still dumbfounded by their own stupidity, Russia does not know how to treat former satellite states and shuts off gas delivery to Europe as a result. American Idol is still the number one diversion in the US while the ecology and environement takes a beating. Unemployment numbers will rise "officially" to 9% in February, while a realistic estimate puts it up to 12%.
So, this is all the bad news and the chewed up news, and we can chew them over and over again.
As for me, I am cleaning up my studio. Perhaps clear thoughts might follow.
Truthfully, I am getting tired of this mess. No, not only the one in my studio, but this general chaos within humanity. I am sick of it.
The cheating, the greed, the resulting violence and the dear price we have to pay makes life a hardship. I used to have fun and party, but nowadays I just get up in the morning, stunned with bewilderment.
Is this only about my midlife crisis?


SaoirseDaily2 said...

There is alot to be said about act locally think globally. If I start to think about the woes in the world it can really get you down. If I can help someone here just a little, it gives hope.

I have had to reinvent myself several times to stay employed. It is tough out there and I wish you all the best.

Lee said...

Faith is such an enormously broad, deep term, and one that so many take quite lightly. For those of us (whom may be called 'seekers', of which I think you may be despite your unwillingness to look at it) that see faith as an action it is a time to reaffirm that which we've hidden under a basket in the corner.
Maybe what I'm trying to convey is that yes, things are fucked up, always have been and perhaps will be ad infinitum; and perhaps that's the general human condition where tremendous cultures and differing societies continue to evolve. But my challenge, as I see it, is to be a conduit for something not necessarily greater but certainly more positive energetically in the world. It's really tough to climb out of the mire and extend a hand, but the healing it brings is nothing short of a phenomenon.
(I'm really dragging this out, my apologies.) Let me put it this way: to get unstuck from one's own shit, one must merely be of help to someone else. Trite though it may be, it works.
You know this stuff, Zee, it's just easier to drown in your own atmosphere sometimes than to put on the mask of quiet contemplation and take a few deep breaths.
Let's kick it soon. We can commiserate and be joyful, too.

jozien said...

Oh Zee, I like to say; come here now and lay your head to rest on my big chest (which I don't have) And i can say this , because you're far away in New York or some place.
As i am writing this, i see what you wrote Jan 20: Miracles do happen! You wrote it.
Better believe it.
I love your studio!

Anonymous said...

It is a mad world Zee ... something is gonna give, but hopefully out of it might come a better world. The bad news is that probably you and I will not see it.

Linda McGeary said...

My youngest son is also unemployed. He is a Chief and had a good job, but was the last one hired a couple of years ago, so when they started cutting back, his job went away.
My oldest son is in construction and does remodeling mostly. He is also an artist. They both live in Portland, Or.
Your studio has very interesting windows. I hope you will be inundated with inspiration for new work, both job wise and art wise.
I like reading you. So keep the faith, even in the midst of the unpredictable, good things happen.
Blessings and Goodwill to you are yours.

susan said...

All you say is true and sad.. so it's not just a mid-life crisis. On the plus side, your studio looks like a cool place.

_z. said...

hang on in there zee... clouds will dissipate eventually.
Sensitive and "artistic" souls suffer most in times like this... and this is why you are aching...

courage mon ami!

Tatiana said...

Not only your midlife crisis...we all are going thru this...and I have *some* optimism about the economy...though it may take a year or go ahead and clean that studio...WE ALL NEED TO!

campmicmob said...

i know this place, you are a witness, try and tell me god is not, big and burly, compassionate and fun as he sends us to our boats with ropes and bait.......

gfid said...

it's been my experience that creativity isn't always much of a living, but it's something we can't live without. something in us dies without it. having vision is both a blessing and a curse; it gives you original thought, insight and compassion, while it torments you with what could have been, should be, or might yet be. it would be so much easier to just be one more sheep in the 'mainstream' herds trying to carry us off. give a midlife crisis party! and don't invite any sheep.