Thursday, January 29

the spiral

As I listen to a country music station as an exercise to broaden my tolerance for humanity in general (second best thing to make you go crazy before sucking in HipHop), I also contemplate about the winding roads of the state of our nation in particular.
I don't know why I torture myself that way. Maybe I have evolved into this masochistic phase in my life, who knows. But the reality around me is still a stark reminder that 'Ohbummer' will not be able to fix this mess ... unless we also chip in! Unfortunately I see very little movement into that direction, everyone seems to hold on to same old, same old. What does it need to accomplish REAL CHANGE? A catastrophe, a powerful revelation, a squeeze or knock over your head? What does it take? Humans seem to be the slowest learning species on this earth, even crows seem to adopt to new circumstances faster. Maybe there is a reason for this, being multifaceted and naked as we are, no furs no feathers... But still, it drives me up the wall. And now I had enough of country-music, turn it off and regress from this silly exercise of tolerance.

(sculpture was a "Christmas-Card" I casted in cement years back for family members, about 18x20 inches)


Anonymous said...

Country music? No, no, no ... 'tis torture! Cease and desist ... I surrender already!

On the scale of the planets lifespan humans have only been here a micro-second. We have not yet evolved in the truest sense of the Universe's timescale. If we ever do ... maybe in a billion years we might learn summit.
That or we will become extinct.

gfid said...

my shrink in days gone by.... that was in recovery from husband number 2, i think..... this shrink told me (after he'd ascertained that i didn't care for the rank and file of pop country music) that he'd come to realize that there was no possibility of help for anyone who loved to listen to country music. they just wanted to wallow in 'poor me' to the beat of a guitar. i see it as akin to hanging around Wal-Mart expecting to find spiritual enlightenment. all you come up with is schlock, glitz and cheap junk.

Seraphine said...

i think change comes best in small steps. it's the direction of change that's important.
socially, it's very stressful when there is catastrophic change. change works best when it is the natural result of growth and smart ideas.
so don't be discouraged, zee. things change, things change.
after you my dear alphonse.

Zee said...

OK guys and gals, there are always exceptions - even in mainstream country music, Hank William the 3rd being one of them. But he is hardly being played on airwaves, 'cause his language is right down dirty.

jozien said...

I had to laugh at Aggie's response,because that what i was going to say.
I tried that too, to look for beauty where i couldn't see it. For me it didn't work either. recently i came to this shift; look for beauty(love,harmony,whatever you call it.) where you know you'll find it, and then miracles of tolerance and sorts happen. It's just a suggestion.
Beautiful artwork!, sensual.

Cym said...

I've always hated country music, or 'graveyard music' as my parents called it - my least favorite of all styles. Used to work in a store years ago, terrible job, used to play country music on the radio all day long, 8 agonizing hrs a day, 40 what-did-I-do-to-deserve-this hrs a week, it was torture, couldn't get those songs out of my head. However, that said, the only country music I've heard that didn't give me a headache, that didn't put me in a foul mood: Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. Give them a try, their not half bad.

Linda McGeary said...

gfid made me laugh. That was funny. I agreed, that's pretty much the way I feel.

Having said that, I also believe it hard to blanket any form of music with one statement. For their will always be the exceptions.

I love ethnic music. Music from everywhere.

One time I was playing a c.d. of Zap Momma, European, Afro pop, when a friend and her 9 year old daughter came over. After a while the daughter said, That is really weird music," as she's thumbing through my c.d. stack, "Don't you have anything normal in here? Like country and western?"

It's a mystery where musical tastes come from for some of us, but her daddy was pure country.

Zee, I love your spiral sculpture. The spiral is found everywhere in nature. I think it is wired in our brain, something we respond to without even knowing why.

It's beautiful.