Thursday, January 15

the English version of this lullaby

Oh jeah, rock on ....

wait until it loads and starts playing. Once you get sick of it, hit the pause button on the embedded player in my former post.
I stopped auto play ... you got to go to the embedded player to start it.


Anonymous said...

Wow - thank you. It's really great. You should do more of this stuff.

Seraphine said...

i love lullabys. but they do take patience, and to appreciate them, you have to carefully listen. the best lullaby i've heard was by a saxophone player in new orleans. he was a street musician. he played summertime, one of my favorite ballads. only he played it with a particular gentleness reminiscent of the stillness of the air that evening. the notes came reluctantly, beautiful as they dissolved into the night.

gfid said...

rock on, rockabye baby..... lovely.

i got the card - thanks so much. i'm going to frame it and hang it in my teaching studio.

Mirvat El-Sibai said...

can't keep up anymore, ashamed to admit it, and i hate skipping posts on the blogs i love. i'm a follower though! and soon as i get a breather, will catch up.
i'm very happy you are inspired and prolific as ever.. it gives me a wonderful sense of continuity and a feel of home :)

ANNA-LYS said...

Lovely song and very thought-provoking lyrics. The tune fits your Scandinavian language a little bit better, than the English version. Melancholic affects does simply not sound as coming from the inner soul, when performed in non-Scandinavian.

They die, and the sun still shine.
That puts us humans in the right perspective, we are not more or less important than the ants or the giant mountains on Earth.


ArneA said...

Thanks for your visit and for the well written comments.
I did scroll down your blog and found:
"Israel will have to take down all the illegal settlements, rip down that "Berlin" wall, let people travel freely to and fro within their orchards and settlements, restore the water and land rights.........."
That is the only possible start of any hope for peace between Israel and her neighbors. The first start, and after that there will be a million steps forward, but if you do not start? ....... no hope for anyone here there and everywhere.

Zee said...

Mirvat - don't worry, I exactly know about the "breather-situation"!

Anna-Lys, I have to agree, it is a "wintery" Scandinavian song!

Arne - As Lebanon was put back 10 years by Israeli bombs, Gahzza is maybe pulverized 40 years back before regaining what was lost.
I am disgusted.