Sunday, January 11

unspecified musings

...maybe more words to follow. But I am presently making an attempt to give Aggie a hard time, and show her that what is sand and beach at her East Coast vacation place in NZ, equals snow and cold winds here.
The sun bathing chair collapsed in the snow, the other bench is also inhabitable, the little table is not ready for cappuccino either as it accumulated an other foot of snow after the last cleanup was done.
Winter once seemed fun when you were young - now it just drags on forever. I learned to ski when I was five, now I am fifty and just smile at the notion of racing down a slope - but I will go out there anyway, just to break a leg. Is it not that, this symbol of good luck, if you "break a leg"?
While you surf the waves in the southern hemispheres, I will try to save my neck in the northern territories.


Anonymous said...

Well, it is very pretty even if it is hard to live in for the moment. I cannot feel guilty about the difference ins easons at each end of the globe - for I cannot change it. I can only say that when you, in turn, are basking in your summer - it will be my turn to be miserabe in the bleak mid-winter.
Mind you, where I live we don't get snow falls like that anyway - but the lower Sth Island does.
You could always come visit us in our next summer? As I have got older I think following the sun around the world is no bad thing.

Lisa said...

I love to see the snow at a distance, but the older I get, the less I can tolerate the cold.

I guess Georgia suits me. We have four seasons, but mild, short winters.

I hope that time in the cold and snow will pass quickly for you.

Zee said...

Agge - I was just kidding!
But following the sun seems a viable concept, as long as you got the cash...

Zee said...

... and oh this sweet song, keeps Georgia on my mind.
Yeah, I agree Lisa with your assessment,

Anonymous said...

I knew you were kidding - and it's a deal. You can cheer me up when it's my winter here.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

We are pretty sick of winter already after over 6 feet of snow just in December, and it is not a month we get most of our snow in. Not looking forward to what January has in stored for us. But now it is melting, and we will enjoy being mobile once again until the next round of winter decides to desend on us.

Stay warm and safe. Have a great Monday.

Seraphine said...

so zee, put your snow shoes on and start walking south. it's 80 degrees somewhere. sometimes muhammad must walk to the mountain, rather than wait for the mountain to come to him.