Tuesday, January 27


There is no other option -
the weak have to become stronger
by fully understanding their strength,
and it’s not all in numbers any longer

Hamas has build an illusion for Palestine
over the years, and so it goes and goes.
If my child would be killed by bombs and fire
I would be mad as hell as well, and search for who god knows what
to resurrect the crumbling empire and sense some gratification of desire
as a recourse

But this is not how it works
the solutions never rested in barbarian laps
oppressing the ones who need to see
If Palestine wants to be free
without atrocities
slander and slaughter
it must choose a different avenue
the one who clearly could save yours and my daughter's life
isn't that worth a strive?
Gandhi was not a saint, but he prevailed,
threw out the empire in a surprise
so now the Palestinians could arise
to the occasion - and leave the crumbled castles
that stuff ... it's only a demise.


_z. said...

I don't know what to say about this... it is not that simple zee...

I wrote my comment 3 times, then deleted it... somethings are just better left unsaid... I guess.

But do you imagine the Palestinians going on a hunger strike!!! that would be hilarious... they are already starving.
And please tell me who is going to listen?
no one cares zee.. nobody cares... those who say they do... are lying because they never do shit about anything. Talk is cheap.

They will only stop when they want to. No one can pressure them, no one can say anything to them. and the UN is a total waste of time, hope and money.

Anonymous said...

Blessed are the peacemakers - even if they don't succeed in our lifetimes - they might one day!

Zee said...

unfortunately I agree with you.
I just keep thinking though over and over again: What would I do if I lived there, either Westbanks or Ghazza!
Civil disobedience seems to be the last resort, since everything else has failed.
I don't want to belittle Hamas, but so far their tactics were worth shit.

Zee said...

Your attitude Agge is totally welcome!

lindsaylobe said...

Hamas was only elected by 50% of the population and I would imagine support has since markedly declined. Recently they were filmed giving money and help to those devastated but their leadership shows no sign of reversing their previous futile stance of continued rocket attacks.
They gained power through a combination of both force and electioneering but offer no hope in my view to their long suffering people. I am afraid only a change to a more moderate form of leadership can serve this marginalized and devastated society.
Gandhi realized shrewdly the English people eventually would respond to his inspiring non violence doctrine. But not forgetting subsequently (In the absence of any conditions that would bring about a just settlement) over a million people perished in the subsequent partition of India which followed the granting of independence.
So the situation requires a more pragmatic leadership from the West, combined with both a change in heart from Israel and in the leadership of Gaza, tied to increased aid and rebuilding of the ruined or non existent infrastructure.

Best wishes

Zee said...

How can you always stay so composed Lindsay - beats me!
Thanks for your fine comment.

Seraphine said...

proof positive that violence does more harm to society than imagined.
lobbing rockets at other people is unacceptable diplomacy.
but so is keeping a people in poverty for 60 years.
it's time to put away the hate, soften the rhetoric and discuss- really talk about- the future.
if there is a political will, there is a way to solve the israel/palestine problem.
it's time.