Monday, January 12

lullaby for the children in Ghazza

I accomplished a few things: Got my USB microphone to work, made a test multitrack recording (Audacity, a free bare bone program but very handy), rummaged in an ancient scribble songbook of mine from the Norwegian days, and here is the result both visual and audible.
I am awfully sorry that the guitar part sucks, it has nothing to do with the technology, rather the technique ... the poor guitar that never gets any practice anymore. Also, the song is recorded somewhat bizarre in that it starts real slow and then speeds up throughout the verses. In addition, I felt too lazy to put some violin tracks on it, hence the open gaps... my apologies!
VUGGEVISE means lullaby - I spare you the translation because it is somewhat sinister, and I'm lazy. But if you insist ...
Oh, I believe the original was a Swedish song, but I did it in Norwegian because it is the only Scandinavian tongue I am familiar with.

Ok so here is a rough translation 'cause I sort of like the person who asked:

Winds are riding high on seas
over havens land and trees
storms are raging in a race
sorrow or death don't near my place

Someone comes, and someone goes
people die in spring, who knows
but stars will still shine brightly

Life is weaving on its loom
all you did and thought or taught
all those things are just a color
the shuttle moves, and others follow

Maybe at some point in life
will you find that crown of strive
maybe after days of dread
will your hair find a silver thread

Where you stump and tread your shoe
many more come after you
look therefore that you do seed
flowers as a plowman's deed

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Ok, I actually like this song - maybe I get organized and sing the damn lyrics in English and have my brother help me out on the instrumental parts, he is famous to be good at that. Also, I took some liberties while translating, needed to keep the flow. Ciao - talk to you later...


Anonymous said...

Sounds really good ... almost traditional - I just wish there was an English translation with it so I could understand the words.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Nice music. Thanks for sharing.

Zee said...

Actually - this really sucks, I mean the melancholic melody is ok but my compilation stinks. I will have to try again. You were all guinea - pigs; sorry!!!

Sue said...

If this sucks, I would love to hear it the way you want it to sound.

I think some of the beauty of folk music like this is that it's music from real people -- and it's not perfect, it's real, and felt.

I appreciated the lyric translation. That almost always helps me appreciate a song more.

jozien said...

I didn't listen to the music, didn't see anything to click on, to make it happen.
But I love the scribbles and the english lyrics. I'll show it all to Sonja, who's my Swedish, soprano, friend.
And are you going to send it to Gaza?

jozien said...

My computer is slow, But now i have musid. Sorry, my brain the same speed, I spelled Ghazza wrong.

Zee said...

... no worries, I will have an English spoken bare bone rendering -

Seraphine said...

i like the music and the drawing. the pure joy of creation is reason enough to exist.

Gary said...

Thanks Zee - inspiring.