Sunday, February 12

Break with bikes

My friends are hovering around those two wheeled vehicles, polished chrome, waiting for spring.
Dreams of journeys. Fair enough.
I have a break this weekend until next week when I will continue to teach about a different kind of journey, a journey that spans more turf than any motorcycle ever could encompass. "World Evolution" is the theme - based on perceptions and concepts gained by Spiritual Science. Might sound "far out" to you - but you know what, in many ways this concept of penetration and observation beyond pure physical matter can open up new horizons. Perhaps one day we will truly comprehend the "ZEN of motorcycle maintenance".


DA said...

Didn't kown you're a bike guy.

VTwin, typical air inlet but the exhaust makes me doubt if it's a Dyna Wide Glide..

Is it?

Elizabeth Green said...

Wow, DA, sounds like you're a bike guy, too. Sorry, but no bikes for me. I think they're kind of scary. I think your class sounds interesting, Zee. Wish I could be a fly on the wall. The concept is intriguing.

Zee said...

Dimitri, I know nothing about bikes - only that they have two wheel which can be practical when you get into tight spots. Next time I see my "biker-friends" I will ask them if this is a Dyna Wide Glide.