Saturday, February 18

What's bird flu got to do with it?

So, amongst all the anxiety about Mohammed cartoons, (Libya's Italian embassy just got torched yesterday, ten dead due to life bullets from the police), the "Avian Flu" is crossing borders without regards or respect of religion, culture, race, or any other dubious limitations of present stuck up global societies. Did Tibetan monks cried out foul when Micky Mouse appeared in the so called "western world"? Did they burn down flags, houses and peoples in order to rescue their ancient traditions? I do not recall so...

But the "bird" - Noah's messenger to predict some lands ahead is sick now and dying. Hence there will be no messenger anymore to deliver the news of a new and safe haven. Instead we (the humans) infested with flues of some other kind in tragic compilation, live on this common turf and dwindle down with each additional breath of hatred and intolerance to just lessen the fair chance of present earth existence for all.
Yes, the Danish Mohammed cartoons are actually a clash of civilizations! There is no way to be a "pussy" about that one.
The reaction of the Muslim world, with their satellite connections, their internet interactions, their cell phone conversations, their readings of any publication anywhere in the world (all of the above media and technology is completely against Islam and Mohammed anyway) becomes to be an oxymoron.

Listen you Arab muslims who like to play ancient games of supremacy and make the clash of religions and cultures a sacrilege game of checkers with almighty Mohammed underneath the board, shaking up the pawns at the blink of your liking. It will not work! Not for you, not for me!

The bird will be the one who crosses boarders, for evil or good.
Take care of the dove and you will take care of your own cultures.


Elizabeth Green said...

Good points, Zee. I agree that they are right to be offended, but they shouldn't resort to violence to express their displeasure. I hadn't heard about the embassy yet.

The bird flu is scary to me. Sometimes I think it might become the Black Plauge of our time. Apparently all our super antibiotics and flu injections don't work so well against it. I, for one, prefer to do what they did in Boccaccio's Decameron, go out somewhere in the country and wait it out, provided they have satellite, of course.

Zee said...

Right on sista! While your out there, in the country that is, plant a garden with vegetables and flowers for goodness sake!

Gary said...

I'm not afraid of the bird flu, but I love the metaphor of the bird flying through open air - with no connection or care about borders, religion, politics and the other divisiveness on the ground below.

I recently read a great book that looks at the influence of religion on civilization... and why we need to go beyond it so badly. Sam Harris is the author of THE END OF FAITH.