Monday, February 27

Guardian Angel

I am the bird that flutters against your window in the morning,
and your closest friend, whom you can never know,
blossoms that light up for the blind.

I am the glacier shining over the woods, so pale,
and heavy voices from the cathedral tower.
The thoughts that suddenly hits you in the middle of the day
and makes you feel so fantastically happy.

I am the one you have loved for many years.
I walk beside you all day and look intently at you
and put my mouth against your heart
though you're not aware of it.

I am your third arm, and your second
shadow, the white one,
whom you can not accept,
and who can never forget you.



JuBlue said...

Through a complicated scientific process, you have been tagged. Again!

Gary said...

Made me shiver - very nice posting Zee.

Zee said...

I am not going to comply to just an other folly, Julian B.

Anonymous said...

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