Tuesday, February 28

Who is the "EU" ? Nobody I personaly know!

"The Council [of EU member states] expresses its deep concern at the events that followed the publication of cartoons in a number of European and other media," the ministers' statement says. Deep concern? About what? Their economy perhaps? Freedom of expression should be exercised in a spirit of respect for religious and other beliefs. It adds: "The Council acknowledges and regrets that these cartoons were considered offensive and distressing by Muslims across the world." The bloody distress these cartoons provoked will make Mohammed think twice of being Buddha and getting away without a further incarnation on this earth. So beware believers, the prophet might come back and teach you a lesson or two of how to conduct your life in the 21st century. Maybe he will even suggest to drop your old fashioned clothes and for the woman to live without burkas and shawls from now on. Who knows. Diplomats said that at least one country, the Netherlands, had at first opposed the decision to express "regret". Well good for them. "Tis the only honest way to go. The Czech government was also reported to be concerned that apologising would undermine the freedom fo the media.
My question is: How can you feel "regret" for folks that live up to self imposed hysteria?
You - the muslims - do you like violence? Is it your daydream? Is it your mission? Not that I stand on foot with the US endeavors in the Middle East, far from it. I think their engagement there is folly and harmful to all of us. The provocation and the loss of lives due to this US interaction there is unforgivable.
But those cartoons? Give me a break... There is many more worthy causes to get exited about. And the more the peoples of the Arab world are rallying against this issue, the more they will fit themselves perfectly into the stereotype they so much despise, namely being a stupid blind and unconscious extremist "herd of morons" or a religious entity that doesn't belong on the streets of nowadays.
My position is, take your religion to your own four walls, honor it, believe in it, worship it, whatever.....
but for god's sake, don't get me involved in it by force. What you do for yourself might be enlightenment, but the only way I get any further, is to make whatever I have in the present be my own - create my own "enlightenment" .
I need to tackle my own quest with religion and the whole question of earth existence without anybody else's radical interference!!!
So all you woman and all you man who rally against cartoons - step back and take a deep breath, think about how your religious beliefs and feelings would nourish your souls if only attended in the right fashion, not by protesting cooperations and nations, but by solely finding the spirit of truth in your daily deeds that may spark enthusiasm and joy from person to person and hence be the seeds of love and peace.

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Lindsay Lobe said...

I agree with your posting.
It seems to me the folk who think in this manner are not coming to grips with our evolved consciousness.

As your probably aware originally early humans had difficulty distinguishing between what is present and past, as they identified their thoughts of those deceased as coming from the deceased themselves, since the idea of self was not properly understood.

The type of religion that assumes blasphemy from satire etc is along similiar thought paths I think.

Maybe Europe is just worried about exports to those countries !! and that's the best they could come up with in wording !!

Best wishes