Friday, February 17

A riddle for you

I'll stop it.
I will not talk -
Not with a mouth full.
But believe me, I'll protest
If I am poked, if I'm pulled.

If I'm out of sorts
Who knows what will come forth
In a tree I've been
And when in the top spot
The spirit is within!

So what is it? Post your suggestions.
This riddle was composed by Sam.
Thank you Sam, it's brilliant!


Vee said...

erm a cork?

Zee said...

Vee - I know I shouldn't have put pictures up, too easy. But yes, you are right!!!! Congratulations for the first one to find out.

DinaLove said...

Hey! I wanted to say cork, too, and now I'm too late. Shoot!

Gary said...

That Vee, she's quick. I struggled but finally came up with cork too.

Anonymous said...

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