Sunday, February 19

Roses of prophet Mohammed

What does the US and Iran have in common? Renaming food items in retaliation ... ha, ha!

Bakeries across the capital Tehran on Thursday were covering up the name-plates for Danish pastries after the confectioners union ordered the name change in retaliation for cartoons of Islam's revered prophet first published in a Danish newspaper.
Ahmad Mahmoudi, a cake-shop owner in northern Tehran, said: "This is a punishment for those who started misusing freedom of expression to insult the sanctities of Islam." Now the flaky Danish pastry is being renamed "roses of mohammed"!
From "freedom fries" to "roses of mohammed" - what's next?

I have an idea, let's fly planes and dump millions of bikinis made from burka-fabric all over Arab nations with a little label inside saying: Woman are not mans nor the prophets property, neither is Danish pastry.
God, I'm not even talking about G-strings or thongs here...
Isn't that the way the US would have won the war against the "axis of evil"?


Gary said...

You're on a roll Zee. I have a couple of moderate Muslim friends in Africa - I've emailed them to get their take on the cartoon controversy. One of them thinks it's been stirred up by Iran and Saudi Arabia to keep extremism alive and well and to keep the secular folks from getting closer to Europe.

Always a conspiracy theory!

zohguy_saiyajin said...

This bikini is way too huge! Brazilian bikinis (fio-dental) rulez!
I also like a lot the shelve that you made. My uncle do amazing things with wood too, I wish to have half of the talent that you have.