Thursday, February 23

What is a blog?

A "blog" is mostly a personal diary of sorts, putting your observations and thoughts about almost anything to rest. I forgot about that concept the last few days and instead was whining solely about political issues. I am sorry for that glitch!
So instead of going and contemplating about Iraq and it's inevitable down-surge into civil war, I will post some pictures of an oak shelve system I finished today plus the swamp that is frozen over about a mile away from my house.
Continuing with the "diary sorts of way", tomorrow I will bring this unit down close to NYC and install it, come home later and prepare for the next course of "occult science" starting on Monday.
So there, now you got some personal info instead of that political stuff!


Gary said...

Wow! That's a beautiful piece of work - I like your balance between politics and the natural rage they bring out ... and the arts and nature. You da man!

DA said...

Da man indeed. Like the artwork too..

JuBlue said...

I WANT those oak shelves! Wonderful!