Monday, April 10


The last streaks of snow at the ski resort need to be tested, with sleds at first, then as a result of misjudgment of speed with dirty buts who helped as break pads.
See Granny, even I can calm down and participate in pleasures beyond political and religious artifacts. Though I must admit, I was operating only as the chauffeur for these two girls - somewhat a similar function of operating as a slave in other matters.
Ah, drive me home - the road is not as windy as you thought - no bumps - no dirty ass - "all gravy". Be swift chauffeur, keep your tinted windows closed. The truth might blind my eyes despite the shades I am wearing and I yearn to rest now and know nothing!
No maintenance required, just rest. Winter is upon us while spring is arriving. But truth will survive the frost ... even in the mud season when temperature changes create hives in roadways you travel.
Choose your steps with consideration.


Veronica said...

"I yearn to rest now and know nothing!"

I love it.

Zee, this is my favorite post of yours so far. Thanks for sharing this.

DA said...

Veronica said it Luke. Best post until now. Enjoy the sun my friend together with you female genes..(look who's talking, Need some sun too :-) Wouldn't mind getting over there for some sculpture retraite..

..and some route '66

DA said...

*your (typo)

Zee said...

What is skin deep - I wish to know.
Is it a gentle massage compounded and delivered with essential oils?
Or is it the oil that makes the Middle East go "tick-tack" until it runs out and we'll get back to burning dried camel dung?
Ok, let me be a bit more amiable. You all dig happy posts above doomsday scenarios?
Well then, I'll take it into consideration. LOL!!!!!

Lindsay Lobe said...

Be yourself, dont try and please the masses.
Esential oils are not essential at all. However they wont do you any harm, and may make you smell good.

Traded around the world since time in memorial and are a good income earner for crafty eastern traders.

Granny said...

Hi Zee - lovely post.

Ann (aka granny)

Granny said...

Happy posts vs doomsday? That's why I have two blogs.

I'm the same person on both but the focus is different.