Sunday, April 30

Dirty laundry

... and then it was clean.

Questions for Dimitri (the corporate specialist)
What do we do when we realize that the utopia of unlimited growth is actually very limited?
Will we define management of resources anew?
Or will we starve to death?
Or will we just wash an other batch of dirty laundry?
Will the water still be clean enough to do so?

(of course anybody can help out to answer Dimitri's hard core questions ...)


Granny said...

Do you think we will ever realize it?

From what I see, I have my doubts.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Disarmingly simple, but difficult to determine,
Only engage in any activity that is sustainable in perpetuity. Growth in tandem with that sustainability.

It requires a partnership approach with nature to evolve and grow in understanding of what mutual conservation is needed to ensure sustainabilty.

our old land to sustain a new landscape.

Best wishes

DA said...

Just read your invitation to read this..

First of all I am not a specialist in anything whatsoever Zee.

Secondly, many of us allready discovered that unlimited growth IS utopia and absolutely irrelevant.

Management of resources will be redefined indeed, I am sure of that. After the current new information tech. era a new era will emerge (next world order or so) with an emphasis on human relations in stead of human asset mgt..

Corporate shit remains corporate shit. This post pisses me off.

Cym said...

"Having reached the limits of an Era of Empire, humanity is compelled to accept responsibility for the consequences of its presence on a finite planet, make a conscious collective choice to leave behind the excesses of its adolescence, and take the step to species maturity. It is the most exciting moment of opportunity in the history of the species.

The Era of Empire embraced competition and domination as its organizing principles, hierarchy as its favored organizational form, and ultimately chose money as its defining value. It has led to the emergence of a global suicide economy — otherwise known as the corporate global economy — that is rapidly destroying the social and environmental foundations of its own existence and threatening the survival of the human species. It is the Era's final stage."

The global corporations that are the ruling institutions of the suicide economy are required by law, structure, and the imperatives of global finance to maximize financial returns to absentee owners without regard to the consequences for people or planet. In short, they are programmed to behave like cancers that seek their own unlimited growth without regard to the consequences. As these pathological institutions have consolidated their power, the imperatives of global finance have come to dominate the economic, political, and cultural lives of people, communities, and nations everywhere.

The human future depends on moving beyond the self-limiting and ultimately self-destructive ways of Empire to live into being a new Era of Community in which life is the defining cultural value, cooperation and partnership are society's organizing principles, and networking is the predominant organizational form. The culture and institutions of the global suicide economy must be replaced by the culture and institutions of a planetary system of living economies that mimic the behavior of healthy living organisms and ecosystems."

--By David C. Korten
An excerpt from: Living Economies For A Living Planet

DA said...

Thx Cym, that said it exactly!

Gary said...

Good debate bloggers!

It always seems to come down to consciousness first, systems second.

The planet will continue flourishing with or without us. Evolution will continue to adapt species to the conditions. We're the irrelevant (and destructive piece).

I like to think that it's worth a fight, to seek understanding, humanity, human rights for all... and to take little steps to opt out of behaviour that is destructive.

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