Sunday, April 2

Why the soup tastes bland

Modern cuisine recipe

1. One boiling pot (Iraq)
2. A bushel of Straw (British)
3. One cup of Rice (US grown)

Stir well together.
Spice up with MSG and a grain of salt.
Serve hot.

Warning: You might experience involuntary or perhaps compulsory vomiting when consumed.


summersun70 said...

Just the thought makes my stomach heave.
Shame it's a dish we are already being served ......

Zee said...

Thanks summersun... there is always Alka Seltzer (just kidding)

Lindsay Lobe said...

Lets hope this recipe doesn't have a long "shelf life".
A Product recall is due, to avoid irrationality occuring under it's potent spell !! an unsettling mixture disabling conscious thoughts and substituting child like black and white thinking !!
best wishes-very good