Wednesday, April 5

Peek a booh

Ok, so I have an issue with Islam. Why would you care? Well you should. Our future depends on it... So study the scriptures of the Qur'an and make your own assessments. In the mean time I will send you a picture of the interior of my studio, somewhat messy it is I have to confess. But spring cleaning is on the agenda ... perhaps tomorrow I'll start for serious.
Music, laughter, good friends are on my mind tonight. Some of it is present, some of it is wanted. Take care!


Gary said...

Zee, you have some good points in your bias! I have, however, spent time with Muslim friends who really are tolerant people who live it peacefully. They, of course, may be considered bad people by many of their brothers and sisters.

You should meet these people and discuss your ideas.

Now, here's my bottom line (many don't like this either): I don't think any religion contributes more to evolution or humanity than the harm it causes. Some are just worse than others at different times.

Now I'll get really provocative: Do you think Anthroposophy is a religion?

Tiffanie said...

Well, your studio has potential. Where's the piano?

Zee said...

Anthroposophy is not religion Gary, it is "spiritual science" research. Steiner elaborated about Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and yes, also Islam and other religious streams. But his main emphasis was to liberate people to find their own way to the super-sensible without the crutch of instituted belief systems.
Tiffanie - there is actually a piano, behind the kneewall on the upper level, a small Steinway upright build in the late 20's. Still works fine!

JuBlue said...

I have to agree with Gary that religion in general seems to have done more harm than good in the course of human history.

Well, your studio looks like a place where you can enjoy yourself.

Veronica said...

you continue to fascinate me...

Lindsay Lobe said...

I think it’s a good idea to understand more about Islam and what it really means.

It seems much of the damage done with Christianity was in the past and in democracies we do have a separation of state and religion.

As you read and study the scriptural base for Islam as one of the Aramac religions I think you realise much of it is probably mistranslated.

Maybe Gary those good friends and the many peace loving Muslims have rejected the word of Allah. Its not your cuddle up rhetoric and has a black and white outcome.

But you won’t hear too many people criticising the verses or violence or talking about mistranslations from within, for obvious reasons.

Put another way, most Muslims reject it, like most any other foke to take literally, but for the tiny few true devotees, the verses are explosive !!

Best wishes

Zee said...

"most Muslims reject it ... " (the Qur'an)
I don't believe so Lindsay! Yes, there are large numbers of Muslims in the US and around the world who want nothing to do with today's global jihad and they only remotely understand what they are reciting from the Qur'an in old Arabic. Their intention might be to foster a viable moderate Islam and they definitely need to be commended. But make no mistake: This moderate Islam does not exist to any significant extent in the world today. Where Muslims do coexist peacefully with non-Muslims, as in Central Asia, it is not because the teachings of the jihad as spelled out in the Qur'an have been "reformed" or even rejected; the teachings, the vital message has simply been ignored. History teaches us that issues may lay dormant - and then also can be remembered again at any time.

Anonymous said...

"this moderate islam does not exist to any significant extent in the world today" ?

where are you conducting your research from, zee?

have visited any muslim american communities lately?

or does simply reading the Quran make you an instant expert on Islam? we seem to have enough instant experts in the Bush administration. have some modesty, man, before you make such sweeping pronouncements!