Saturday, April 22

trip to Boston

What do you want me to write about? The fishes in the deep blue sea? Yes, we visited the Aquarium -splendid! Abundance of creatures in tanks.
Joy for you and me!
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea...
(Ah, an old hippy song no one remembers,)
joy to you and me.
"If I was the king of the world, guess what I would do?
Eradicate the pain that is becoming insane -
Just for me and you ..."

Joy to the world - joy to the world,
joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea,
joy to you and me!

Jelly fish of the deep blue see - ( in an aquarium that is) and ... buildings of different complexity in Boston.
Boston is probably one of the most typically "un-American" cities in the US. Winding streets, clustered buildings of new and old in super close vicinity of each other. Saturated with the tales of the pilgrims, the adventures of the overthrow of the English empire (tea-party) and other issues of lesser and more complex importance.


Lindsay Lobe said...

The water is emotions from a deep blue sea
The waters blue colour for a rocker to see

Cool swinger’s reflection of foamy waves past
Crystal clear memories to cool a warm heart

Oceans as deep as the mountains outside
Seas play new tunes at the turn of the tide

Corals gothic windows are splendours to please
But carols of birds cry to fly overseas

DA said...

Looks like you had a great time L. No Iran/Muslim thoughts today :-)

Take care, DA

Zee said...

Lindsay - your verse deserves a tune to it, a melody ... it will become a "hit"!
Dimitri - I decided that Muslims have to figure it out themselves. I wasn't a big help unless you will count for the fact that I managed to get some kind of conversation going. I believe the thing that disturbs me most with all of this, is the inadequacy of knowledge in non-muslim quarters. Mine is sparingly adequate - but I am giving it a try.
My point of views might be twisted and personal at times - but to shut off inquiries and to throw the towel into the waste basket, makes no sense at all.
Ignorance isn't "bliss".

Lenren said...

JOY TO YOU & ME! I remember that song. My mom has the album.

Granny said...

Three Dog Night? I should google before I guess but I sure remember the song.

Granny said...

Yep - Jeremiah was a bullfrog. My girls love that song and get the giggles about the bullfrog every time.

I'm corrupting them.

Lenren said...

When I was little I thought it was so funny too.

Gary said...

I love Boston and get there every few years. I particularly like the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum... and a club right next to the ball park.

Anonymous said...

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