Friday, April 14

Young ones don't walk on legs

You heard it before
Once you are my age, equilibrium becomes an issue
How do you balance without them hand-stands?
Maybe a headstand.
Of course for some of us not even the latter is an option.
Shall we therefore go back to the topics of the Middle East now - perhaps Iran?
Ah, you don't seem to agree - so I slip that one for now.
Let us talk about lent, sex, awakening, relationships, art, sports and other issues then instead.
What is the potion of your own rejuvenation?
And are you happy with what you got and what you aim for?
Maybe that is too much to ask on a public forum. But you can always question yourself in privacy and come to your own conclusions....
I know that not all my own private questions are answered as yet - so therefore I am still searching and pondering on the endless fields of serene knowledge, wherever it may be. I wish to you all much confidence and prosperity on your own avenues. May these paths of your discoveries be blessed by awesome experiences that will quench the hunger of self-knowledge and peace of mind.

(the picture is from the girls in the yard today before going to the movies)


Granny said...

Life seems to be what's happening while i'm busy making other plans.

Ruben said...

If I ever tried to walk on my hands the weight from my body would drive my elbows into my shoulders. lol

DA said...

Wonderful picture. Lets discuss some heavy stuff again I vote!Happy Easter Luke.

Zee said...

Thanks Ruben for the advice - probably the same would happen to me with even a little less weight applied!
OK, Dimitri - my abstinence has almost past ... Thanks for your vote!

Lindsay Lobe said...

You wrote "Once you are my age, equilibrium becomes an issue" An ideal solution for you and me could be some gentle "stretches" that Mr BKS Iyenga (yoga master) does of a morning see website link and scroll down to photos

He is only 86 and I notice on your profile you list your age as 103 so maybe you should start off with head stands (no arms) first -take it easy!!

Gary said...

Zee, where do you want to start the conversation: lent, sex, awakening, relationships, art or sports? All big topics and some overlap - for example "For lent I gave up the art of painting pictures of the women's beach volleyball team (that's the sports part) because the sexual nature of the sport was affecting my relationships."

DA said...

Gary said it Zee, now you go :-)