Tuesday, April 18

Fuel or Future?

As the "little person" is being sucked dry by exuberant prices at the gas pump for buying fuel to go to work; CEO's in the big oil companies earn annually $350,000,000 - yes, threehundredfiftymillion according to the Wall Street Journal, which is a rather conservative news-outlet I would say! In the mean time all oil companies are reaping in record profits, while other companies in the US are feeling the heat of being at the threshold of survival - many of them outsourcing their production to "second" and "third" world countries.
What do you think should happen to correct this course?


Mirvat said...

invade more middle eastern countries with oil? just kidding of course, i'm middle-eastern myself. thank you very much for your nice comment on my blog :) i'll check out some of your posts.

DA said...

Well we all know what's going to happen right? I give it half a year L.

Mirvat said...

zee read my comment on the islam post

Mirvat said...

women in islam that is. i just saw the previous one. i'll comment on that one later.

Gary said...

What's going to happen?

For some time, the price of oil will go up and the cost at the pump will follow. Americans may actually pay as much as the Dutch someday (that's for you DA :)

Oil companies and corporate owners (not the little guys like us, but the big pigs, like the Chair of EXXON who got a $400 million retirement package ... yes MILLION) will get filthy rich and invest in the politicians who have their eyes on the oilfields (read: Bush, Blair & friends).

Eventually we'll run out of fossil fuel or wither up from climate change - the wealthy corporate owners will own the water by then.

That's all unless lots and lots of people get involved in politics, human rights and the environmental movement. And stick it to the bastards where it hurts - in the ballot box and in consumer choice.

Cheery enough for you!