Saturday, July 22

Bye, bye New York...

Driving in the subway towards Grand Central where an other train will carry me northward bound, I keep musing about this city and its future.
There was once a time when I could have imagined living there, amongst the hectic movements of millions of people trying to find their ways... now I am not so sure anymore. Tranquility has its merits.
Actually I like both, the buzz and serenity of silence.
What strikes me though about New York is, that if you make an effort to be receptive, you meet all kinds of people and they open up towards you, telling stories, their passions and their struggles. The threads of multiple biographies intwine and form themselves to a picture-book to be easily written - if you just would care to pick up the strands and make the effort to pencil it down.

New York is a kaleidoscope of pleasure and pain, architectural marvels, museums of grandeur, music and shows abound, intellectual fidelity, emotional depth and also blatant blanks - and the people are from everywhere around this globe.
How can you not love this scenario?
You can't help it but love New York!


Cynnie said...

I Love NYC!!,.could i live there ? maybe not..
the people are so great ( as a rule)
I just like walking around looking...i'm such a country bumpkin

Gary said...

I lived in NYC for 6 months many years ago. It was completely wonderful and I understood why for some people, there is nowhere else to consider living. The energy is great (as are the food, parks, weird and quirky people, the museums, the art... and the diversity). Of course, I was single then and had no kids - it might be different. Duh?

Zee said...

Ok, next time I will not leave the "blurred pics" on my blog even though I like them. I'll give you "crisp action".

Anonymous said...

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