Friday, July 21

watch your step

Israel is a dying moth attracted by it's own fireworks. None can prevent this.
Lebanon is a mushed caterpillar that never managed to start chrysalis in time. Maybe next century if god will have it.
Iraq has become the pet bug of the US government, but hated by the people on either side ... they both dislike to be or see bugs.
Afghanistan ... a lot of sand and a lot of poppies. I see only red.
At the end of the day, the press rather likes to show how moths play with fire in the backyard of mushed caterpillars.
Pet bugs get boring after a while cause they only run in circles ... until they die.
And poppies are only good for heroin that we import ... until we die.
And the US? There is absolutely nothing to report - that country is in an induced coma.
Did you have enough of politics by now? I sure do!

The guy in the picture dismantling the scaffold in New York city right outside the window where I stayed. He is a Mexican immigrant and has bravery of a different kind. Would any US Caucasian person trade with him?
Ah, politics again ... can't help it.
But just so you know.
I'm still into art.
And you will
See some


Mirvat said...


Novacaine said...

well said zee!!!
US in coma? try the whole world.
and I really hate to tell u this,but i'd rather that US is in coma rather than being the israelian fuel.

Progressive Traditionalist said...

I look at this photo, and I see a man that is untrained. It is obvious he is not OSHA-10 certified.
The first thing I noticed was that he had no lanyard attached to an appropriate place. Than the walkboards not properly filled. Then safety harness not buckled. A good safety man would run this man off the job site. A good shop steward would do a crad check, then see to it that this man takes a fall with 6' of rope wrapped around him.
This man is a danger to himself and to his co-workers. Who will die first? That's what's on my mind.

As for any Caucasians willing to do his job, contact the NYC District Council of Carpenters (scaffolding is carpenters' work, btw). They can put you in touch with the appropriate local which has jurisdiction over this site.

Zee said...

Progressive T. - they were dismantling the staging, you got to unhook occasionally to be able to take things down ...