Saturday, July 1

"when it rains it pours"

So it is drying up now, the worst flood since 1913 in upstate New York, or so the story goes. 200,000 people evacuated, some deaths, damage in the 300 millions, Erie canal closed, Interstate Highways closed, hmmm....
I suppose I can call myself lucky! My pool collapsed in a mud slide after having spend ours cleaning it. Now I have to rip it out completely. A branch the size of a tree fell down on my garden, spend ours cleaning it up.
The good thing is, the sun is shining now and the plants in the garden are hardly damaged.

Could have been much worse. But a word of caution. Global warming is not so much about a few degrees in statistical increments over the years, it is about the eco-system becoming more and more disturbed. Severe weather phenomena are only one of many indications.

after the dismantling, a mud hole. But alas, I will rebuild, this time with sturdy walls!


Mar said...

That's awful! To forget about your worries, sit in that pool and sip on some mud slide, it will be an inside/outside mudslide festival.

Lhonez said...

Yes, global warming is a problem. However, the geologic record, tree rings and other methods show that most of the entire nation goes through cycles of drought and flood. Unfortunately it is flooding on the east coast at this time. We had several floods in the 1990's in Illinois. Lately it has been calm.

The important thing is that you are okay.

Zee said...

Oh Margerite - I followed your advice and slid around in the mud while cleaning up. Fortunately there was a garden hose nearby ... you should have seen me :)

Ihonez, I was not articulate enough. Weather patterns in general are more severe when they occur these days, no matter where on this continent or around the globe. So yes, I agree totally with you when you say that things happen in cycles, its just that the frequency and the intensity is on the rise.

Meander said...

i suppose we will always have to deal with the forces of nature. even with all our technological advances...we still cannot predict what will happen. i sure am glad you are okay zee. wanted to say publicly...thank you for being my friend. you matter and are very important to me.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Just to ad weight to what you say.

Weather patterns are extraordinarily complicated, but I ask any doubting Thomas’s on global warming if they would like to risk their money on the contrary opinion ---that there is not too much to worry about!!

Large Re insurers are unanimous (who insure against the damage caused by climatic events such as storms and hurricanes), of the correlation between increases in natural disasters, particularly storm and tempest with rising world temperatures as a reflection of global warming... This is particularly relevant to increased frequencies of large scale losses in North America.

Many areas of the world will soon become uninsurable.

Over here in Australia things are different, with 90% of NSW experiencing a severe drought, the severity is such, that it exceeds previous records since records were first kept, just what the climatologists were predicting in 2001, increases in frequencies and severities in the world’s climatic conditions.

It's largely a human based problem and we have the ability to do something about it in the next 20/30years. Best wishes

Cynnie said...

Ohh reminded me that it's hurricane season..I really need to get storm shutters and stuff..maybe a generator..
I hate reality..
be safe baby baby..and thank you for the sweet comments

Granny said...

I haven't had the news on much and I didn't know about Rochester having problems.


Our weather has been freaky for the last couple of years too.