Monday, July 31


Oh, you don't like nudes - look away!
Oh, you don't like to use your brain and follow truthful strands, sway away.
Oh, you think the empire of deception will prevail - it's your illusion.
In the end, that who does destruct will end in self destruction. Doesn't Israel know?
It has always been that way, since the beginning of time.
Humanity presently is a ship of fools, despite it's intelligence.
Maybe some day there will be people untouched by the fallacies of nation-states, race and religion. I am getting old, so I can only hope for a change of course in the coming generations, the "old guard" has failed miserably.
And while I anticipate my slow death, I still wish to imbue the seed for a new area... the time when peace is not an abstract concept but instead manifests itself and becomes reality.
I owe it to all children of this world!


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Yes sir.

AM said...

lol this pic looks as if it is taken somewhere in europe ... landscape I mean ;)

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Changed my blog's name
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