Saturday, July 8

The Creepy Truth (my bi-weekly audio letter)

Is it possible that Bush himself brainstormed with Rove about the latest "Terrorist Aspirational Scare"?
The first "reports" coming from the Rovian propaganda machine claimed that a vague group of suspected terrorists were planning to flood lower Manhattan by blowing up the Holland or Lincoln Tunnels.
There was just one major problem with this latest "scare them into voting Republican for a third time" tactic: it defied the laws of gravity and basic physics.
You see, Manhattan is ABOVE sea level. A body of water, such as the Hudson River, won't rise UP without a rather sophisticated plumbing system. In short, bombing the Holland or Lincoln Tunnels could not possibly, according to the law of physics, flood lower Manhattan and "ruin the American economy by destroying Wall Street."
There might be some basement flooding, but that's about it.
It's an idea so contrary to reality and the laws of physics that only Bush himself could have come up with it.
Some first media reports even dutifully noted that government sources told them that the alleged "aspirational" terrorists got their idea of blowing up the tunnels from the Katrina disaster and the flooding of New Orleans. This is a sure sign that the idea came from the man who completely bungled Hurricane Katrina: George W. Bush. Only Bush could fail to realize that New Orleans is situated BELOW sea level, while Manhattan is ABOVE sea level.
How else do you explain the second-in-a-row crack-head scheme (after the Miami clown posse "plot") that is so ludicrous, it couldn't make it past peer review in a class of idiots?
Do we REALLY need to by into this scheme of perpetual fear?

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JuBlue said...

WE don't need this "scheme for perpetual fear." But the Shrubbies do. It's their bread and butter, isn't it?

Zee said...

thanks Jublu for stopping in.
Yes it is their "bread and butter" - for sure.

_z. said...

zee is that your voice on the audio clip?
There will always be "alarms" like that... People have to keep living in fear. they can't be free.

However if this is part of the vote republican conspiracy theory, do you think that Americans will fall for the same mistake? yet again?
Fear or no fear, will they vote for the same bunch of old boys club yet another time?

Granny said...

The Republicans are counting on that fear.

And they're making a last desperate push for their "moral, family values" agenda.

Have you seen it? Worried sent me the link; I just haven't done anything with it yet.

Lindsay Lobe said...

I agree -Bush(with help from Rove)must have come up with that "Aspirational Terrorist Scare," designed to terrorise the general populace, because the idea of the Hudson River flowing up into Manhattan defies the Law of Physics as you posted. The audio was great !!

Thanks for alerting us to the latest Buzz. I wondered about that theory when I first heard about it !!

best wishes

Mar said...

Voting for the same boys club..creepy
Conspiracy Theory.. Terrifying.
Bread & Butter... triggers hunger

Zee said...

Oh Mar - the "boys club" thing is no conspiracy, it's a sad reality. The only two political parties we have in the US are more and more speaking with one voice which technically makes it ONE party (the "boys club", haha). So the development of late is moving from a quasi Democracy (Duocracy) towards a Monarchy at best, and a Dictatorship at worst. The only wild card in this ongoing trend are the American people. At some point they might get so fed up with this, that climbing the barricades is the only option left.
Lindsay - I put my voice on this because of your last encouragement. Thanks for the praise, but listening to the audio myself ... I feel rather stupid!
Granny - thank you for the hint (link), I will check it out.
_Z. I'm afraid that US citizens have no other option to either vote for the boys club ... or the boys club.
I never liked the stinky morale of "choosing lesser evil" - but it is almost a given with me that I will fall for it anyway.... again!

Cynnie said...

I'm so sick of politics..sick
I think it's time to clean house and start over..