Monday, January 29


"There must be somewhere out of here, said the joker to the thief ..."
no - wrong song, that was the last gig.
Now it's: "Killing me softly .."one of the choices of this practice for the next performance, additionally the song "Shelter from the Storm" and two others ...

Shelter from the storm starts like this:
It was in an other lifetime, one of toil and blood
when blackness was a virtue, the road was full of mud
I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form -

"Come in she said I'll give you, shelter from the storm!"


Anyhow, the two girls and I are practicing for the next open mike. It is fun to do, rejuvenating actually - and I also believe we sound pretty good as far as I can tell.
I keep recording our practice sessions, but I should make sure that our performance will get same coverage as well. Perhaps I can figure out to post an mp3 file after the fact.

As for Bush's radio interview with NPR today - it made me vomit!
I decided now that this guy is insane beyond help of repair. Perhaps he is actually mentally demented, has syphilis or some other kind of grave disease that eats up his brain.
You know what, I don't give a shit anymore. May the "empire" fall and crawl on it's knees for the next decade or so.
Maybe that will make us more plural again.



Meander said...

what great songs! of course we would love to hear them! insanity would be a logical conclusion yet that leaves him off the hook. i wonder who will take responsibility for this mess?

sour mesh said...

Much better ...

I'd love to hear that song
by Zed and the 2 L's ;-)

(You'll be "Zed" until your
hair's grown back 3" ,see !)

Lily reminds me of Regine
when she was still
a spring chicken

Bush ?
Cheney !

Hillary ?!
look at those
power cheeks of hers.

Yes the upper ones
you can actually watch on TV!

yuck y u c k !
what ?

" The fact,then,that all existing things are subject to decay is a proposition which scarcely requires proof,since the inexorable course of nature is sufficient to impose it on us.

Every kind of state,we may say,
is liable to decline from two sources,the one being external,
and the other due to it's own internal evolution...

It is evident that under the influence of long-established prosperity life will become
more luxurious,and among the citizens themselves rivalry for
leverage and in other spheres of activity will become fiercer than it should.

As these symptoms become more marked,the craving for leverage
and the sense of humiliation which
obscurity imposes,together with the spread of ostentation and extravagance,will usher in
a period of general deterioration.

The principal authors of these changes will be the masses,who at some moments will believe that they have a grievance against the greed of other members of society,and at others are made conceited by the flattery of those who aspire to the leverage of office...

They (the masses) will no longer consent to obey or even to be the equals of their leaders,but will demand everything or by far the greatest share for themselves."

The Rise of the Roman empire

Zee said...

I am the "Invisible Zed" Sour Mesh. So go and do me a favor and get a CD of Gogol Bordello with that particular song on it.

Cynnie said...

eh, i got nothing interesting to say..

except hi !

ian russell said...

'I love Pylos!' whatever happened to 'This Machine Kills Fascists'? ha, ha.

It's a great photo, Zee. Wish I could hear the music.

Gary said...

Nice - you have a great creative life Zee. And as for Bush-vomit, just turn him off...he'll be gone soon.