Friday, March 2

I am actually human - you see. It takes a bit to be so ... as you well know. The "Gabe" person described things adequately, though his opinions are tarnished with constant mischief - at least so it seems.
Besides construction we also do deconstruction on this little island. I will tell you more about that one tomorrow.


Gabe Archangel said...

HeeHaaw Gabe's back campers
nd what do I see
I zee a cured Zee
Zee the zlow
Zee the winded
Zee the huddled
Zee the o soo tired
listless Zee hee back in glory
nd in his old horny self awright
Pics of females pushing 50 huh
Lemme guess - the head honcho contractor's wifey
Aer Du Koot ...
JahaA Visst han aer mycke koot
Viagra on his mind
liberal treason in his bleeding heart
and ambiguity to his oath of allegiance
to his country
and to Christianity whole
well what else is new
Trying to forget that His
Opaqicity Himself will be
pushing 60 eight weeks hence.
What a difference the staunchly
Republican state of Maine makes
in such a short time.
Congrats old bastard!
Unbelievable what a few shrimps
n chowder on a snowy island can do4U in a jiffy.


Gabriel Archangel said...

nice building btw.

has all the class and taste
for me to be a temp.refuge !

Thanks for restoring it to be my due

Gabriel (Lord)

Ingrid said...

Zee, I commented before and it supposedly went through but now I see that it got 'eaten', is that a beta hiccup?
check out some more music in my latest post,

DA said...

Hey L, is that your outside fireplace? Would love to sit there once and open a nice bottle and discuss the wonders of the world with you..

Meander said...

wow...beautiful! how are you doing? i hope all is well...

Mone said...

Nice!...what a beautiful place!

Zee said...

get some wings gabe, you might need them sometimes

Meander said...

are you still alive out there?