Monday, March 19

I will bore you to death

So yeah, these are pics 30 seconds from where I live at sunset today. You must get sick of these pictures by now - but I can't help it. Yes, soon I will be bitching about our political system again, do not worry. In the mean time get bored to death with images taken today ...

The landing here is called Pierces Point in the Old Harbor. The sloppily covered boat which you saw in the previous post belongs there. It will depend on the energy and persistence of the owner (my friend David who I am housesitting for) to make her happy and afloat again. But I have my doubts. "Don Juan", that is the sailboats name, has been sitting there for the last five years or so...
As a result, I am contemplating to get my own vessel, a smaller day-sailer with an outboard perhaps. What do you think? So yeah, I wouldn't be able to cross the ocean and the seven seas, but I still could cruise down the coastline of the Americas without any problems, explore islands, evade troublesome "mainland-issues".

It is important, that we as humans maintain dreams. Without them we become mere teeth in the mechanism of our greedy society. It doesn't even matter if we are able to manifest and materialize every ounce of our visions. What counts is the intention.


tina said...

Oh, that second photo, so lovely. I've never lived near water and don't usually wish I did, but there's something haunting about that picture.

Gary said...

Zee, you're someone who knows what beauty is - don't apologize for such lovely photos. Also, you're someone who cares about what happens to people and are sickened by assholism - those leaders who we should be cynical (and skeptical) of. Make sure your balance is a little heavier on the beauty side...

Ingrid said...

'naturtrane' (sorry, can't do the umlaut.. yes, Gary is right, those pics are very beautiful and leaves us to wishfull thinking that we'd live that close to water, right you are too Tina!
I once had the awesome experience of staying in a cabin as a teen on the Seychell islands with my oldest sister and her brood and I would hear the waves of the ocean water.. I could get used to that..

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