Sunday, March 25

Homeland Security

Where is the radar, the scanning devices, airport security? Where do you take your shoes off, where is the nice guy who pats you down? No metal detectors, no explosive sniffing dogs, no bar code pasted on your passport (if you happen to have one) ... and you can bring toothpaste, the family sized version, sneak in a bottle of beer or whiskey, behave like a normal human and chat with the pilot. The thing you have not, is a stewardess running down the isle with peanuts. (Oh shit I forgot, they discontinued that as well on major carriers because all the allergies people have these days).
Anyhow, welcome to the airport of Vinalhaven, where twin prop birds are the max you can fly and land. Usually only a single engine, a Cesna, comes over from the mainland a few times a week delivering mail and transport other stuff. People take the plain once in a while if they have an urgent appointment. But usually they take the ferry. But our airport is a great asset. If you get a severe heart attack or something else is wrong with you, they come over here and fly you to a sophisticated medical center in Portland within the hour. Not that we don't have health care here on the island as well, but it is comforting to know that there is a gateway to high tech care with a low tech flight.
I titled this post "Homeland Security", and already I have lost my train of thought. Darn, I'm getting old and senile. But wait, isn't it usually up to the president, not me, to explain the "state of the union"? Isn't it for that I pay him my meager tax money? Ah well, lost cause ... and a lost war. But in response, the administration is choosing to copy and save every email originating from the US. No, I am not bullshiting you, a Verizon (data and communication) handler presented it on ABC.
I don't believe the terrorists are frightened. In the mean time, the wildest dreams of Ossama have come true: Total oppression of the American (US) people by their own government. Hallelujah!
Oh, I forgot to say - Verizon still lets you make a call to a friend to pick you up after landing (see picture above). A good thing, because wireless networks are useless on this island.


Gary said...

And don't think your emails aren't special to them too! Especially with the phrase Homeland Security noted a few times.

Homeland Security

Homeland Security.

Homeland Security.

Hi there Verizon!

Zee said...

Thirty tetrabytes each day, or something incomprehensible in that avenue Gary. They don't even discriminate anymore and use "trigger phrases" (like homeland security). They just save it all ... just in case.
Supposedly, an 124 bit encryption (with a key) is not that save anymore either. The story goes that it can be decrypted within reasonable time (45 to 60 minutes). But that doesn't matter; whoever wants to be a terrorist can modify the encryption ten fold easily. Whoever is stuck with deciphering it, will take days to come up with a result.
Anyhow, this is neither here nor there. Because if I were a terrorist, I am sure I would find ways to communicate without being spied on.
Besides, how many translators with fluent Arabic skills are out there to figure out all the communications going on?
Sleep well, thanks to Homeland Security.
Ciao, Zee.

gabriel archangel said...

aaaaaaah the worries of the bad bushies so cool to read harhar.
Still bud no victory4 U come 08
I bet u a zillion of yer emails
to Echelon,the DEA,the ATF,DHS,
(who gives a shit about the FBI
and the CIA anymore.)

Ok here goes : Ossama Shukran
SADAM( small atomic demolition
munition )Vinalhaven Mogadishu
chatter 512bit encryption,M60
Broken Arrow,The B O M B,
the Grinch conspiracy,terrorist
Richard Ried,Abu Amar Swissbank
Boghammar speedboat,centrifuge,
Pearl,Dr.Khan Karakorum Highway
that nuf for the moment now let
us see what happens to the man
who kills anybody out of hand
who'd perchance happen to dare
in a drunk moment to actually
fly the American flag on that
guy's upstate NY property ;-)

yes unforgiven foreverndazillion
of yer mails to all the above !

and no so sorry to eat the cake
ur having the next prez will not
be Hillary or Uncle Tom but hihi
a Republican of stature perhaps
with a lesbian relative but who
cares ....

greetings from gabe

Zee said...

there is no victory gabe

Dirk_Star said...

Well of course there's victory!

We live in fear don't we?


Zee said...

Fear equals victory? For whom Dirk?