Monday, March 12

what's left ...

I was going to tell you about my landlord who got into a fist fight with a tenant and smashed his eye so it turned black, blue and red. But that is old news so I will not linger on that.
Life on the island is just different from what we are used to on the mainland.

There is this boat "What's left"- it is dedicated to an ex wife who robbed almost all there is to get from an ex-husband. People are sue-happy here, it seems do be their pastime.
On an other note, I played some music last weekend - no, not on the island - and it turned out to be a glamourous kick, it was fun. We called ourselves the "Green Zippers" - god only knows how we came up with that name ...
Last picture is "my office" here on the island, cluttered with instruments and recording devices, a virtual and also real sound studio.

I wish I had something intelligent to say about Bush's 28% approval rating, about former Cheney's right hand Libby - or rant about Iran, suck in and spew out again the news about global warming, test my European friends about their stiff righteousness ... and so on. But allas, I just don't feel like it! Haven't I complained enough anyway - many a times before? Did it do any difference? Did it enlighten some uncertain lost soul?
Nah - it's all bullshit. The empire has to bleed to death before anything else can be resurrected. All talk before that is pretty much idle and leads to nowhere (unless you count mental masturbation that "somewhere").
So what's left?
The cliche would dictate: Sex, drugs and Rock'n Roll. Well, most of us succumb to that recipe. I still refuse. That avenue has outlived itself and leads to nowhere. Don't get me wrong. There is nothing bad about good sex, rock and expresso in the morning - but that is not the vision humanity will find salvation in; indeed it is not very creative at all.
Perhaps the arts, and not the sciences in their present materialistic incarnation, are the only statement that separates humans from animals.


eyeintheskye said...

...kapow !@@! pheew +})_(*(&%$^%$#@!
'the day(z) after I guess'.nuf said

Gabriel Archangel said...

What did I say ?!
Do I know Zee !@!
Meseems otherwise
only Meander gets
hip to u ndcares:)
(nuf 2say so too.

ian russell said...

yes, you have me thinking about arts and the animals now - like, don't animals get into expression? well, there was that painting gorilla... but was she any good? well, she sold more paintings than van gogh did when he was working. ;o)

have a good day, zee.

Dr. Nazli said...

Buenos Dias Zee!

I tell you that $408 billion is distracting me. I cannot fathom it' it seems unreal and unbelievable - but only because I am here in the realtive safety across from an ocean where peace and life are unreal and unbelievable.

Hey looks like you are having a blast! Art, music, life - all good!

Bush's rating don't tough my mind anymore - what difference does it make after the impact it already has had. Actually there is much that leaves me numb - and coincidentally I am listening to the song "numb" by Linkin' Park. Have you heard it?

Zee - hope you are smiling! :-)
Zee Ya!

reverb said...

Bush was here about 4 days ago...

...I tell you that I have too much question to do about home recording

may be you can answer some...

Mirvat said...

hey zee. we haven't talked in a while. how are you?

ogetsolost pukenik said...

You only took the little piece of shit "Traveller" with you ?!
I don't believe this
There this guy gets
a brandnew Leicalens
camera and what does he
use it for ? zip :-(((