Friday, March 23

broken dreams


calamity said...

i love the cars, never seen those before, i want to buy one the orange one first :)
which cars are these, i mean the brand?
how's you?

Mone said...

I guess everything has a life time :|

reverb said...

...zee, that MG looks great
isnt bad at all, only the paint
but may be dont have the engine..
bringing the spares from England is not too expensive

Id purchased many spares for my Triumph motorcycle
and I tell yo that 11 years ago, when I brought it looked worst than this MG
and is my everyday ride

-last week almost brought a MINI, an old one, but have a seizure

so, Im fan of British mechanic and the concept behind the design, engines, looks, feelings
very different than the USA cars

Mirvat said...

not broken, just letting space for other better and younger cars and life goes on. we can't stand still not for a moment anymore.

Zee said...

Calamity, I'm well.
The MG is yours for free. Only obstacle - you have to pick it up yourself.

Zee said...

Mone, you are right ...and then we reinvent ourselves. after "that" lifetime.

Zee said...

I like your positive outlook on life Reverb!
It is for a good reason that you are in the surfing business. Keep the waves comming!

Zee said...

" ... not for a moment anymore." That's absolutely correct Mirvat. Not for a moment anymore!

calamity said...

how long are you prepared to keep the car there? cos it's possible that one day i'll show up, take the car and swim with it across the ocean :)
just a littlelove and broken dreams would be all new and best one had ever had :)

Zee said...

Mone, as you can see Calamity has a different plan.
But I do agree, everything has a "life span".

Zee said...

Calamity, I'll buy the car from my friend - just for you. Put it in in storage, and wait forever for the pick up. I don't mind.

laila said...

love the photos
what about them? (the wine bottles)? :)

calamity said...

awww so sweet of you :)
you don't have to go through all that trouble. i'll come if the car is there in 3 years :P