Monday, March 19

Happy 4th anniversary Iraq!

3000 US soldiers - and 60,000 civilians have died, payed by 409 billion Dollars. Those are the facts after four years of engagement. Not a very sexy compilation.
Despite my stubbornness to accept Islam as a valid religion for this day and age, I still feel sorry for the Iraqis. They have no security today, no law, no normal life. Saddam was a saint compared to what the US invasion has brought to them. Bush is not only an amateur, but a "Hitler" without charisma. They should have shot Saddam in the face when he was creeping out that hiding hole. But no, the empire decided to hang him instead. Bad mistake. The crunching sounds of the upper neck barely dissipated while amateurs in the military and the administration clapped and cheered. How stupid can you be.
The hanged an other man today, formerly held in US custody until hours before his death. I am no pussy, but this makes me sick.


tina said...

"Bush is not only an amateur, but a "Hitler" without charisma."

I agree with this statement with my whole-but-broken heart, Zee.

Mirvat said...

well said

reverb said...

...Hitler "at least" had a marketing fake plan for convince all of "us",
like the Arians...all lies
he only looked for the power