Sunday, January 27

chain saw saga

So I am a bit tired, but that is not an unusual thing when I have to work physically.
Bought a new chainsaw yesterday, totally unnecessary. Reasoning, I got pissed at my son for not taking proper care of the one we already have ( less than a year old).
Maybe it is not even his mistake, it could have also been a flaw by the manufacturer, who knows. Chainsaws, despite their brute action, are one of the most delicate power tools around. So I waltzed into the kitchen and handed him our defunct saw and said: "This one is for you to keep, I'll get myself a new one and you better don't touch it!"
He was not amused to say the least. I broke his pride and confidence. Now I feel guilty.
But what the heck, a man or woman needs to have a properly working chain saw around at all times if there are things to cut on the property.
Went down to the "social youth house" in Hillsdale last night to apologize to him, soothe the vibes and such. But most importantly, regain trust Came back home and then got stopped by a cop in my own driveway. What a riot! He said I was "weaving the meridian" - little did he know that I was just tired, tired of this "chain-saw-massacre".
Anyway, the cop left after a few minutes. I guess he also didn't know what to make of my Maine license plates on the truck. That helped!
On all other accounts, I do enjoy my weekend - what about you?


Mirvat said...

hmmm.. never thought to own one..

susan said...

I never thought to own one either but we did once own a lawn mower until we realized the weeds were actually prettier. Then it became a yard ornament.

The sculpture and painting here are both great. I had another friend once who painted with great delicacy but whose wood sculptures were dense and sensuous. I once spent a few months in Paris and went to the Louvre every day for 4 weeks until the day I found myself in a distant basement gallery surrounded by Michaelangelo's slave sculptures where they appear to be tearing themselves out of the stone. All I could do was cry because they were beyond beautiful and they lived in a place where hardly anyone saw them

as for the weekend - it's been a 4 day one so we can pretend we're semi-retired..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Zee said...

SUSAN and semi retired? Well, that's great!
Yes, the unfinished sculptures from Michelangelo are inspiring and almost more valuable to look at from a sculptural point of view. I am very happy that you found them out!

Zee said...

the guy we are talking about is not capable to be around people anymore. He is sick beyond the point of help from others. There is actually such a thing!
Instead he will die alone and take all his burdens across the threshold where they eventually will get burned away.

Zee said...

when you need wood,
a chainsaw is good.

susan said...

Yeah, I'm not as young as I look :-) and I have a son too. His name is Ben, mid-30's, still lives in Providence where he works, writes and is proprietor of flying totems where he welcomes visitors so long as weapons are left at the door. He's a lot like me but smarter.

Mone said...

be careful with the chainsaw.. I hurt myself on the leg recently cutting a tree down.. thank god the cut was surface and there was no need to stitch, but it will be a good scar for sometimes to come

Cinderella. said...

Zee,your Mr. Hofer was the reason I had to moderate the comments to my blog.And he happens to bestow his intelligence at my page every time I make a comment here.For a while dint know what to do,whether to frequent your page or not. Then I decided,fuck it.If people are screwed in their head why do I curtail my wishes.
Anyway, your replies to my tag urged me to urge you to take the whole thing.Would love it, if you took up the entire tag.You can exclude writing about me, if you want, thats not necessary.
What say ? Do we ge to see it soon?
And oh, almost forgot to say, your new profile pic is soooo... cute !!! do look like a bohemian wanderer !!
Take care.

Zee said...

Cinerella, I posted the three answers to question #10 on your blog.

_z. said...

never owned one, and never even handled one...

I like your relationship with your son... I mean I know nothing more than what you described... but it seems there is camaraderie...