Tuesday, January 15


Back to "winter wonderland?". Still framing that addition which sometimes equals insanity. Slow, ingeniously slow... And so Lee picked up speed today, made things happen. Good for him. Thanks to him!
Tomorrow will be an other day,
I have no compulsion to comment on the Michigan wasteland around Detroit and the political components involved thrown out by the surge of political ambitions. May the have fun convincing automaker-workers to stay put despite ongoing struggles of the "big three" and the continuous production of bad cars that only serve present greed. The snow falls, so does fall my patience with this incompetent bunch of politicians. All of them!
I have that inclination that I might not vote this year at all. Would be a first time thing to do ... Maybe you can convince me to change my mind!


Cinderella. said...

Alright, I'm trying.
Do vote. Every one of it counts.
And how are you this winter ?

_z. said...

I have tremendous respect for the person that is able to build their own house.

winter is not over yet my friend...

Zee said...

"We the people ..." has unfortunately changed to: "We, who control riches and power ..." a sad remnant of what once was the United States constitution.
Don't worry, I haven't given up completely.

Zee said...

Before I say good bye, I must first say hello.
Winter is not even half way over and half way done is only our project, though I expect it to be finished mid February.
Thanks for the thumbs up comment!

Granny said...

Please don't give up. Even when we're holding our collective noses and voting for the least offensive, we're at least participating.

Zee said...

That was a good argument Granny!
Perhaps I will be swayed after all.

Ingrid said...

thUI will 'still' not be voting.. of course, I haven't had the heart to switch allegiance and become American! Maybe one of these days. I do like the idea of voting although my sole vote does nothing major..
the candidates do indeed not represent anything that I would wholeheartedly support. Of course, is there such a candidate??
me thinks not!

susan said...

I can't even convince myself.. but then again, I never convinced myself to become a citizen either. Who have I been kidding?

Anyway, the house looks great. If we lived closer I'd come over to hammer a few nails.