Friday, January 4

The road ahead

So Hillary got defeated by Obama. Edwards was second, she was third. What a riot.
It shows you that the US is unpredictable. Mr. Huck, the evangelist leaning candidate won for the Repubs, in front of Guliani.
Before you know it we will have a black president in the US (if he doesn't get shot on the way).
But for now I will continue with the insanity to build in sub-zero temperatures. My friend is using a hot air paint stripper to melt of the ice on the wood that needs to be build onto. Pretty crazy, ehh??
Have a good weekend!


Cym said...

Well, the final outcome could still be vastly different than the Iowa caucus predictions.

"But I guess it doesn't really matter much anyways to the "powers that be" who gets elected (or selected), so long as its not Ron Paul or Kucinich or any other "trouble makers", because all the other candidates are pretty much more alike than different; other than wearing slightly different packaging, and with few minor variations in ingredients, its pretty much the same shit." All are contestants in this game show called the presidential elections, competing for the coveted role of President/CEO of USA Corporation.

-from a recent post/rant of mine.

Cynnie said...

I like Ron Paul..

i can't wait to see who really wins..

Zee said...

Huckleberry Fin or Oh'Banana - that's my guess Cynnie

Cynnie said...

you are so super cute zee-zer

Zee said...

Your wavelength is similar to mine.
Unfortunately "democracy" in the US is dictated by the interest of cooperations, not the peoples. I wish it would be otherwise. The glimmer of hope is that the economy is taking a beating. Perhaps the WallMart's, Homedepot's and all the other merchant chains will have to reconsider. I don't know WHEN the US is gaining ground again and leave "cooperate America" behind. But by the feel of how the wind blows ... it will happen!

Zee said...

I found my cell phone again. It was in a side pocket of my mandolin case. So it was not lost in mud and snow as I dramatically declared at first.
Nevertheless, in the mean time I had canceled Verizon-Wireless. So there you go, I'm thrown back to the stone-ages ... but for now, I actually don't mind!